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Two New Madonna Songs Have Leaked

When it rains, it pours.

On Nov. 27, a snippet of a new Madonna song called 'Rebel Heart' leaked to the Internet. A day later, a full-length version of the tune had made its way to the Web, as well as another full track, seemingly titled 'Wash All Over Me.'

'Rebel Heart' is likely a co-production with superstar DJ/producer Avicii, who Madonna worked with earlier in the year on new music. (Madonna posted an image of her with Avicii in a recording studio, using the hash tag #RebelHeart.) Both songs could be unfinished, or demo versions.

Madonna's publicist had no comment about the initial leak, though the diva's manager, Guy Oseary, Tweeted: 'I would be grateful to any Madonna fans that can assist us in finding those responsible for the leak. We appreciate your help.'

Madonna has been working on new music throughout 2014, often updating her Instagram feed with photos and messages regarding her progress. A new album from the entertainer is expected in 2015. It will be her first studio effort since 2012's MDNA, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.



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Rabbit Bunny

I Love Rebel Heart because of the sadness in her voice!


this has happened with at least her last 3 albums!!! 'leak'????--I personally think its a PR stunt again!! it quite amuses me how Guy is always furious & investigating it--its obviously someone within the camp--been as it keeps happening!! 'wash over me' is on the vevo channel--fool me once etc......xx


Just listened to the leaked version of 'rebel heart'. I hope it's not the lead track as it doesn't have 'hit' screaming from it. Definitely has promise - bit cliched but chorus could be a grower. Hope it's still unfinished as it has the makings of a good song - but definitely not a single! It's a bit of a letdown to be honest.

Can't get the 2nd track.

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