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How Madonna's 'Like A Virgin' Has Changed Over 30 Years

Thirty years ago, a blithe little song about fresh romance made pop music feel so shiny and new. Madonna was already something of a household name when 'Like a Virgin' was released, on Nov. 6, 1984 (two months after we heard it for the first time at the inaugural MTV Video Music Awards), but the song made her pop's impending queen. It gave Madonna her first No. 1 single, sitting atop the Billboard chart for six weeks.

Arguably still her most famous song, 'Like a Virgin' is now a staple at wedding receptions, on the airwaves and on lists of controversial moments in popular culture. But you're much less likely to see Madonna perform a standard rendition of the classic today. Most of her tours have featured a remastered version, which means we've heard several wildly different iterations of the pop standard. Here's how 'Like a Virgin' has evolved in the 30 years since it was released:

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Here is madonnalicious' copy of the 'Like a Virgin' single, bought with my pocket money 30 years ago in Woolworths!


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Like A Virgin Live- 'Blond Ambition' was by far the best, then the 'Confessions Tour'.

Rabbit Bunny

The two penultimate performances from the Confessions and the MDNA Performance-by which and this time, there was a difference-there was a marked sadness in Madonna's voice!!-from those two performances, Madonna Cried in Sad Tears!-The Lady of Them All!


I still love the original version from the Virgin Tour followed by the Confession Tour.


Of course the original version is an absolute classic--but I love the 'blond ambition' version also.on you tube a guy called Vince Kidd does a very different version-maybe have a look ;) xx


My favorite "Like a virgin " performance is "Girlie Show" version..
It was a tribute to Marlyne Ditretch and Madonna did it just perfect..


from the Girlie Show. Love it!

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