Madonna's Instagram: #nopatience #livingforafinishedrecord
Madonna's Instagram: 'I just want to rave in the back!'


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@Torre Sanz: I have a feeling that if your mother acted this way - including dating a string of MUCH younger men - you may not feel the same way as you do now. There is no need to act your age, granted: but Madonna these days is just acting in an EMBARRASSING manner. There is a difference...


Geez. Lighten up. Everyone is familiar with Madonna's globally engaged humanitarian side...if that was all she showed you would all be complaining how many do-gooder speeches we have to endure, it is ALL ABOUT YOU and your sanctimonious crap about giving to other people, etc.


I think its great that shes young at heart and has fun! Why does she have to dwindle away in an old folks home? This is why she stays relevant. She is ALIVE and having fun and being creative. Take note!

Torre Sanz

Ya'll need to STFU! Madonna has always been rebellious throughout her career and entire life. She doesn't have to conform to what any of you deem as "age" appropriate, when the woman has NEVER operated that way. Who started this "age" thing anyways, why do we start counting the minute a baby is born and not when their conceived? Think about it "age" is some made up number to keep account of time and in Madonna's world she doesn't live by that rule. If you have an issue with Madonna being "immature" in her posts, then maybe you shouldn't frequent her IG, FB or any of the Fan sites. I think it's pathetic to set rules for a woman who has always made up her own rules and she still lives on her own terms. #UNAPOLOGETICBITCH


I just found today that " HAPPY " from Pharrell is one of those unique songs ever, it seens so many many people doanloded it, congratulations to Pharrell. I want to send madonna and her collaborators my best wishes for new madonna's album, I'm sure the album will have a unique songs As well. Big kiss madonna "the only queen."

Robert King

So sad to see Madonna acting this way!


Such a great and important message Alicia brings with her new song and here it is... Madonna with her mature response... Grow up already! You're not a teenager! #patheticb*tch

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