Madonna's Instagram: 'I just want to rave in the back!'
Madonna's Instagram: #jeremyscott

Madonna has a diva moment that only Madonna could have

Madonna had a fabulous diva moment at Jeremy Scott’s Fashion Week party at Space Ibiza New York - insisting that a spotlight beaming down on her be switched off.

Although usually comfortable in the spotlight, the Queen of Pop objected to the beam in a VIP area at the hot new club. Sources at the party said club management urgently tried to find a way to turn it off.

One spy said, 'Madonna didn’t want it on her. Managers couldn’t turn it off individually, so club owner Carlo Seneca stood on the banquette, unscrewed the bulb and presented it to Madonna as a gift from the opening.' The Midtown West spot opens to the public on Friday.

We’re told a casually dressed Madonna, 56, had arrived at about 1:30 a.m. Thursday with a dancer in tow following a recording session with DJ Diplo and seemed 'in a cranky mood because she and Diplo didn’t finish their track.' But she did get into the DJ booth with Diplo and Skrillex, and later sat at her table with the dancer, texting for nearly an hour.

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byron monte

"R", we're talking about Space NY here...not Space Ibiza.


Space isn't a new's about to celebrate its 25th birthday and the daytime terrace sessions were widely known as the world's best.

...but that's before all the crap EDM djs, celebs and VIP enclosures arrived.

i.e. - it's not that 'hot' now.



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