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Madonna Adds DJ Dahi & Blood Diamonds to Collaborators List

The list of collaborators for Madonna’s next album continues to grow.

The diva posted an Instagram photo on Saturday of DJ Dahi and Blood Diamonds working behind a computer, with the caption, 'Nothing can stop the Sex Boyzzzzzz!'

DJ Dahi is the producer behind Drake’s 'Worst Behavior,' and has worked with other artists like Kendrick Lamar and Lily Allen. Pop act Blood Diamonds (aka Mike Diamond) is a frequent collaborator with Grimes.

Madonna has also been working with super-producer Diplo, who has turned up in multiple photos on her Instagram account. In his Billboard magazine cover feature, Diplo said that he's had multiple studio sessions with Madonna that have resulted in at least three 'amazing, smashes.'

The diva's next as-yet untitled album will be released in 2015 on Interscope Records. Her last release, 2012's MDNA, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Based on a glance at Madonna’s Instagram feed, the set may also feature collaborations with Toby Gad, MoZella, S1, Ariel Rechtshaid, Avicii, Natalia Kills and Martin Kierszenbaum.



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@Gary R - I think that's the problem. We have all grown to like the last few albums but only over several listens. I remember hearing Confessions ... for the first time, and I went crazy. It instantly drew you in and you could hear great song after great song. Madonna can write amazing music with the RIGHT people.

I feel that sometimes her recent collaborations (and albums) are trying to cover every current singer/ producer/ band/ DJ and failing.


I tend to agree with Peter. I somehow get the impression that she is just in a good place in her life and is really going for it. At least we should gain some comfort by knowing that with the new record she is really taking her time and is not doing 5 other big projects while working on an album.


Too many cooks spoil the broth?

Gary R

I didn't like Hard Candy at the time but now after time has past I do like most of it. I loved "MDNA", but Confessions has been her best of the last ten years. I hope this new album is a killer great dance album like confessions, but I have to admit something like "Dear jessie" or "Keep it together" would be nice.


I agree. With huge amounts of collaborators, the album will lack cohesion, like Hard Candy. M's best albums (IMO and sales wise) have been when working with one, perhaps two people only. Hopefully this isn't a disjointed disaster.


Personally I prefer Hard Candy to MDNA. I would not call it a disaster it produced several great songs and several decent remixes whereas MDNA kind of came and went pretty quickly.

I agree that the vast number of reported people that have collaborated does sound a little worrying. On the other hand it could be a case of she just has lots of ideas this time and is recording loads of tracks and will pick the ones she feels is best like a lot of other artists do.


in the beginning I was quite excited by the making of this album(the orchestra,lyrics she posted)--but now im not so sure--theres a LOT of people rumoured to be working on this--as there was on the disaster that was Hard Candy!!!im now wondering if its just another desperate attempt to woo young fans :( I really hope its not!!--that never ends well.fingers crossed.xx

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