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Why the world needs a brilliant new Madonna album

Lifelong Madonna fan singer-songwriter Darren Hayes explains why the world needs an amazing new album from the Queen of Pop in this article for Attitude magazine:

The woman who has always been above social media has been having a torrid affair with it of late. 2014 shall forever be known by this fan as the year the Material Girl embraced Instagram and treated us to everything from gratuitous boob selfies to her homage to hairy underarms. And I’ve loved it. Through her iPhone Madonna let us behind the platinum curtain - even inside her very posh Upper East Side Manhattan master bathroom to witness everything form her post work-out beads of sweat to her son David Banda on guitar.

Yet of most fascination has been the cheeky way she has beckoned us inside the recording studio. The Queen of Pop has been teasing the world with progress of her as-yet-untitled (unless it’s called Unapologetic Bitch – and Lord don’t I hope so!) 13th studio album.

The list of potential collaborators is so far impressive: Sky Ferreira/Haim producer Ariel Rechtshaid, Wrecking Ball co-writer MoZella, MIA collaborator Diplo, DJ/producer Avicii, former Lady Gaga collaborator Martin Kierszenbaum, pop singer Natalia Kills, US hit-maker Toby Gad.

The imagery teased out recently is also exciting: Homage to Betty Page, mysterious veils and religious imagery? Check. But there’s also some cause for concern. Why? Because Madonna seems so close to getting it right. And we all know what happens when Madonna gets it slightly wrong. Two words: Hard Candy.

Some might argue her last studio album MDNA was a disappointment. I actually loved many moments on the album but there was a sense, right before the album dropped, that something was out of alignment.

It’s hard to pinpoint what was missing. The world was hungry for Madonna’s ‘A’ game. The reality is, we got glimpses of it. William Orbit suggested in retrospect that M was pulled in too many directions to really focus on making the record the brilliant return to form that songs like Gang Bang and Addicted promised it could be.

She had a clothing line, a world tour, a film and a perfume to promote. Music - the source of all her power - had been relegated to a mere portion of her time, a part-time job and unfortunately something had to give.

I assume it was the laser focus on the dance floor that lost out in the end, and the project suffered.

Thankfully the accompanying tour did not. We witnessed Madonna in her full prime, mercilessly slaying audiences with her bold confidence and celebrating dance at the centre of her circus. Yet when the confetti cleared there was the sense that the Madonna train had passed through town without a trace. The era, like Hard Candy, didn’t seem to permeate the zeitgeist the way Confessions on a Dancefloor had a few years before.

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Wow ! I think completely like you ! Excellent article !


Funny - we were talking about this exact topic the other day. The last two albums didn't stick - like American Life and Bedtime Stories. Nothing seemed to resonate outside if fandom like a Ray of Light or Confessions.

At the end of our conversation we came to the consensus that - sadly - maybe Madonna has one last big album left before she's 60 and becomes a true Legacy artist like The Rolling Stones or Bruce Springsteen. Still huge, but not part of the mainstream.

Still we'll all be buying her albums until the end!


13 is Madonnas lucky number! P.S. Love you Darren. Get your little butt back in the studio!


Madonna does her best art and work when she is moved or touched by life, love and humanity! Great article by Darren! Love you Madge!


This article sums up perfectly what many fans like me feel of M of late! Love it!

cb brennan

hard candy and mdna were disappointing to me because they didn't have that instant "this is gonna be GOOD" feeling to them.....I haven't felt that since 2006 Confessions on a dance floor....That album had a wonderful boisterous feeling to it and it made you, made me wanna get up and dance......that is what I hope for in her upcoming 13th studio album !!!

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