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Two 'Erotica'-era Madonna demos make their way online

Erotica may have been the first Madonna LP since her debut not to reach the number one spot on the Billboard albums chart, but in retrospect it’s her strongest album - produced at the peak of her power and provocativeness during the same burst of creativity that yielded the Sex book and tour documentary Truth or Dare and helped elevate her from mere pop star to an era-defining icon. Over the years demos for that album, referred to by superfans as 'the Rain tapes,' have made their way online, mostly as snippets, along with a lot of fakes.

Yesterday two full tracks purporting to be Erotica outtakes were posted on Soundcloud:

'You Are the One' exemplifies the club-pop approach of her early-’90s recordings, with a bubblegum vocal part over a organ-driven Shep Pettibone house beat and a post-acid-house bass line.

'Shame' is a relatively serious song with a self-empowerment hook seemingly intended to repeat the success of 'Express Yourself' from her previous album, and would have fit in with Erotica‘s political streak. It may have had a better chance of making the album if it had been kicked up a few BPM.

Madonna’s people have done a fairly good job of keeping the Rain tapes off the Internet so far—but this apparent leak of two complete tracks suggests that the rest of it may make it online before too long.

From Entertainment Weekly


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OK, Erotica new NEEDS a remastered release and add these fucking songs and others on a second disc.


I LOVE Madonna's over-shadowed "Erotica" album- it had strong, well selected tracks. The only non album Erotica session songs I like are "Goodbye To Innocence"; "Erotica (You Thrill Me)" & "Waiting" (remix with rap)- "Shame" & "You Are The One" were wisely left off the album.


totally agree @ rabbit bunny--it was so overshadowed by the sex book & body of evidence--its a fabulous album.xx


I can't express how I'm happy hahaha is so good to hear that 90"s sound like it was fresh again

Rabbit Bunny

Erotica is Madonna's most underrated record! There is a lot of sadness, anger, rage and tears on the album!


This is HUGE! Shame is a wonderful song. You are the One would be a fitting B side. So happy to finally here these songs. Only Love Hurts is left to leak.

I wonder why no one is commenting on this?


Really liked Shame, not so much Your the One, that one's a little boring.

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