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Madonna Re-Records An '80s Classic for Diplo

In news that's sure to make all of Madonna's past producers jealous, Diplo just revealed he got Madonna to re-record the vocals to one of her '80s classics in the midst of working on her upcoming album. Even cooler? She changed the lyrics to sing about him. Yes, Diplo is one of the luckiest people on the planet.

Madge sang new vocals for 'La Isla Bonita,' changing the lyrics to, 'Last night I dreamt of Major Lazer' (which is one of Diplo's side projects). Diplo showed off the recording on an episode of the British series 'Superstar DJs,' which premieres tomorrow on UK television Channel 4.

When he plays the track for host Annie Mac, she understandably loses it. Apparently being a 'slave driver' while working on her new album is the best way to win her respect.

Diplo isn't the only one manning the boards on Madge's latest. She also hit the studio with Avicii back in March, which means her brand of dance-pop might be taking an EDM turn on her upcoming record.

From Billboard.com


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I urgently need this song!!!!

eli lee

probably the coolest bit Madonna has been up to in a LONG time! it's about time she got on the Diplo bandwagon!


I take back my previous comments about Diplo - I'm kinda looking forward to his collaborations now. I've got good vibes about the upcoming album. Fingers crossed. Would like to hear the rest of this. Gotta love a bit of old classic La Isla Bonita; one of my favourites!

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