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In defense of Madonna’s wild love life

Last month, while stepping out in New York to catch a Broadway play, Madonna showed off her latest, ahem, acquisition.

No, it wasn’t a newly discovered arm muscle from dancing 15 hours a day, the latest piece of Dior couture or a precious toddler orphan from Malawi.

It was her 26-year-old boy toy, Timor Steffens.

The 55-year-old pop star has been reportedly romancing the youthful Dutch choreographer - who has worked with everyone from Beyoncé to Michael Jackson - since New Year’s Eve, when the pair met at designer Valentino’s Swiss château.

The revelation of this May-December relationship was about as shocking as Thursday coming after Wednesday.

Since her 2008 split from her fair-haired English director hubby, Guy Ritchie, her Madgesty has enjoyed the carnal company of swarthy, pillow-lipped young bucks with freakishly sculpted abs who could have been plucked from the same aesthetic conveyor belt.

First, there were reports she hooked up with A-Rod, who was a full-grown man of 32 - but still a good 17 years younger than Madonna. But in 2009 she really went for it: heavenly Brazilian model Jesus Luz was a babe of 22 when the then-51-year-old snared him. Then there was French dancer Brahim Zaibat, who was born in 1988, the year 'Like a Prayer' hit No. 1. At the tender age of 25, he was replaced by Steffens.

God bless the ol’ gal - a lady’s gotta eat. Why shouldn’t she have the freshest ingredients?

After all, Leonardo DiCaprio and newly engaged Adam Levine regularly go to the Victoria’s Secret dealership and pick out the latest model - then follow that up with the next limited-edition version.

Before getting engaged to London barrister Amal Alamuddin, George Clooney practically made a cottage industry out of turning statuesque cocktail waitresses, C-list actresses and pro wrestlers into Cinderellas for a couple years before moving on.

Those horndogs end up praised as desirable bachelors, while the Material Girl gets snarky comments - and not just from men.

Sharon Osbourne called Madonna a 'wet nurse' and said she was past her 'sell-by date' while discussing the singer’s dalliance with Steffens on 'The Talk.' And the comments section of any online story about Madonna’s dating life is like a middle-school slam book.

Maybe that’s not just because of her cougar status, but because she’s the only female celeb right now sowing her oats. The otherwise unconventional Lady Gaga is in a serious relationship. Katy Perry is a serial monogamist who sticks to guys who are her equals, career and fame-wise. And with Taylor Swift, it always seems like the tragic elements outweigh the fun.

Madonna, like proto-cougar Cher before her, is all about fun.

And she’s stood up for herself, explaining, 'I didn’t, like, write down on a piece of paper, ‘I’m going to have a relationship with a younger man.’ That’s just what happened. . . I just met someone that I cared for, and this happened to be his age.'

Why should she have to cruise for old farts?

So go on Madge, (and Cher), keep chasing the young blood. Maybe someday, you’ll be seen as a woman instead of a desperate cougar.

From NY Post / Kirsten Fleming


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Jess Abercrom

I say live and let live.


If she has a good time with guys 30 years her junior, good for her. I'm not sure it's so great to have the boy toys in and out of the lives of her children (and the same goes for the middle-aged men who do this with much younger women). There's now a chance for a profoundly awkward moment where Madonna snatches Lourdes's boyfriend.


Eugenia, I somewhat agree but I think powerful, ambitious, well-known celebrity woman in general suffer from intimate relationships. I know there are exceptions to this (Nick and Mariah) but women like Madonna need strong, secure men in their lives to balance their super-nova. All of these boy toys Madonna dates are simply "Yes men" for her.


The article mentioned Sharon Osbourne. Sharon is the hater. While I respect her for saving Ozzy's life and bringing his career back to life after he was fired from Black Sabbath (big fan of 70s Sabbath), that's where the respect stops. Sharon is a viper and is only interested in $. Ozzy was her cash cow and now she's just a loud mouth wench. I applaud Kelly Osbourne who doesn't support her mom's stupidity. You don't have to agree with what Madonn does, but you don't have to be a mean girl. Why doesn't anyone mention Mick Jagger. No one says he's past his experation date. This is such an anti-female society and Sharon is making it worse.

Gilbert U.

The truth of the matter is that Madonna is doing what Madonna wants to do and that bothers people. Many other woman, even those mentioned in this article, wish that the guys that Madonna has dated would even glance their way.

Madonna is in incredible shape, has her pulse on pulp culture and is young at heart. Anyone that has been in a relationship will tell you that age is nothing but a number. There are those in their 40-50's that act immaturely and those in their 20's that are years ahead of themselves.

As for this part of the article: So go on Madge, (and Cher), keep chasing the young blood. Maybe someday, you’ll be seen as a woman instead of a desperate cougar. All I have to say is take a look at Kirsten Fleming (NY Post) photo and tell me she isn't jealous of Madonna:


Madonna, keep doing what you want to do. Everyone else is just hating and besides you've never been one to care what others have to say. Kudos to you! Love you, Madonna!


I don't have a problem with her romancing young guys. However, what worries me is that after Ritchie, she hasn't had a true, deep relationship. Madonna is rather spiritual and I don't think she would get a deep connection with any of these boy toys. So basically, what I'm saying is that if she wants them just for sex and have fun, well, it's fine. But on the other hand, this also tells me is that since Ritchie she has been "alone", without a true life mate. And this is sad.

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