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Lourdes Follows Madonna, Enrolls at University of Michigan

Madonna's Instagram: 'It's that kind of day!'

Madonna, no stranger to shock, is at it again, this time posting a picture of herself in a niqab on Instagram Tuesday.

In the photo, only the 55-year-old’s piercing blue eyes can be seen through a gold-adorned headscarf. Frequently confused with a burqa, the former only covers the face, while the latter covers the whole body.

'Its that kind of day! #unapologeticbitch,' she wrote alongside the image.

From Page Six / New York Post


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Robert King

Here career is over, here children are growing up, not in a very good place. Shame, I really used to like her, how things can change!


Madonna - how SAD!!!


I don't understand why Madonna keep overusing/overexposing the the word "bitch" all the time, it's not a positive word and it's not a very clever, intellectual word to use, after all the Kabbalah classes she should know better and be more humble and respectful about herself and women in general.

I feel very.. lost... when it comes to Madonna now days, she doesn't seem to translate well in cyberspace.


Ah, that old chestnut - 'controversy'. With a career in free-fall, Madonna has fallen back on being 'ontroversial' because she has run out of ideas. Sad.


So - Madonna has finally lost the plot. For someone who advocates women's rights, I am appalled that she should even contemplate wearing a garment which complete subjugates both femininity and women.

Madonna - you are a DISGRACE to women. I don't know about #unapologeticbitch you are now more like #sadoldwomanwhohaslostherway.

Gary Ryckewaert

I think she really could have been a comedian had she not gone the music and movie route. I wonder if she realizes how funny she can be? Well, if by some chance you read this Madonna, Gary from Chicago thinks you are very funny!! I bet you are a hoot to go bar crawling with. AND if you ever need someone to go bar hopping with when in Chicago call me 630-440-6709. Like that'll ever happen (LOL)

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