French far-right brands Madonna 'Granny Gaga'
Madonna's statement on her Detroit visit

Madonna visits charity projects in Detroit

Madonna has been visiting the Detroit Achivement Academy and EmPowermentplan and posting lots of pictures and comments from the visits. She also visited the Heidelberg Project and the Downtown Boxing Gym in Detroit.

'Discussing Michael Jackson vs. Pharrell Williams! Watch out! Detroit is coming back !!!!! #revolutionoflove'

'Sharing stories with kids at the Detroit Achievement Academy! Very impressed by Kyle Smith and her team doing what they can to bring education back to the Motor City! #kmowledgeispower #revolutionoflove'

'At EmPowermentplan with De Mequa and Netty women who once lived in homeless shelters now creating coats and handbags and the amazing glasses I'm wearing! Encouraging women to take charge of there lives! These ladies are mad cool! #revolutionoflove #bringbackdetroit'

'The Amazing Women at Empowermentplan! They make coats that turn into sleeping bags! So innovative. So inspiring! #artforfreedom #revolutionoflove #bringbackdetroit'


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