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French far-right brands Madonna 'Granny Gaga'

France's National Front on Tuesday branded Madonna a 'Granny Gaga' after the global pop icon became embroiled in a new row with the resurgent far right party.

Madonna had enraged the FN in 2012 by showing a video depicting its leader Marine Le Pen with a swastika over her forehead at a Paris concert.

She took another swipe at the party on Monday with a post on her Instagram account.

The post featured the front page of French newspaper Liberation from May 26, the day after the FN topped the polls in European elections with a record 25 percent of the vote.

The page shows a triumphant Le Pen celebrating the victory next to the headline, 'FN France'.

Madonna's caption read: 'Russia. Ukraine. Venezuela ...., now France?!!!!! #fight Fascism #fightdiscrimination #fightlynchmobmentality #fighthatred #fightforffreedom #revolutionoflove'

FN vice-president Florian Phillipot responded with a sarcastic suggestion Madonna was seeking controversy to court publicity at a time when her career has been eclipsed by the global stardom of younger rival Lady Gaga.

'In politics too, Granny Gaga has lost the plot,' Philippot tweeted.

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#whatever #ladygagawishes #gagahasbeen #$14dollarticketsanyone?


You missed out China


Madonna - like many liberal/lefty luvvy types in the US - should look in her own back yard before critcising elsewhere! Madonna's "controversy" used to be fun - about 15 years ago - now it is just tiresome and misplaced...and a way of covering up her ever-dwindling creativity.


It is so sad that Madonna criticizes things she does not understand at all. We are all sick of her political comments where she sometimes offends her fans, if 26% in France voted for Lee Pen, some of your fans are from this party, and they pay your daily expenses when purchase tickets to show where sometimes stand up to 3 hours waiting.....

madonna, you should think about music, not politics! You are loosing your fans with this attitude, or this is the only way now to seek for attention?

I am so disappointed.
Ruslan, your ex-fan.


Madonna is a typical american no-brainer. why doesn't she speak out
against NSA mass surveillance, which has reached
dimensions not even Kafka or Orwell would have
imagined in their worst nightmares.

Now that she finally realised that 99,99%
of humanity don't give a rats ass about her she's
using her desperate attention seeking measures
by acting all politically concious.


R.C ...
We're humans before we are Americans and individuals before anything else, the fights we choose are our own. I hope you can sublimate your focus on hypocrisy and do something worthy. Good on you Madonna.


How about fighting fascism and the mass surveillance state in the good ol' USA Madonna? Also, the US president has murdered thousands (without any due process or judicial oversight whatsoever - just on his say so) with drones (see Jeremy Scahill's excellent documentary "Dirty Wars") yet the president's supporters are silent on this. Why? I'm sick of American celebrities pointing fingers elsewhere when there's plenty of work to be done here at home. I also find it interesting how fascism must always be "confronted" against countries (such as the ones Madonna mentioned) who oppose US hegemony of the planet. Coincidence?

Konrad Joseph Aquilina

Has madame le penn looked innthe mirror or has she broke it as she looked at and saw all her wrinkles. Miss le pen the era of hitler has died we do not need neither you or people like you. Get out.

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