Madonna's Instagram: #bringbackourgirls
Madonna's Instagram: 'Diplo is a slave driver!'


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TEAMO Tevatea

it is called humour



Your opinion doesn't matter

I'm glad something thinks they are in Madonna's head and can read her mind, oh wise one? Please, where's the irony in her Instragram post to challenge otherwise? Case in point...She's showed up at the Grammy's looking like Colonel Sanders with a grill. She is surrounded by yes men that agree with her every thought. What would stop her from wearing whatever she thought would create discussion at the water cooler these days? Oh that's right, someone outside her group of sycophants to to edit her occasionally.


Madonna do what you please my girl.. love it. yes you done it before have fun doing it again. SO WHAT!!!! I'm with you..


Madge, please be provocative with a message and just not for the sake of being provocative. You are so much better than this.

Who's advising her nowadays?

Gary Ryckewaert

As much as I love Madonna's music and just about everything to do with her career, I think she is having trouble dealing with her age, whether she wants to admit it or not. I can only imagine how hard it must be for entertainers to deal with getting older. They see pics of themselves when they were younger, have to deal with the question during interviews and they have to deal with the fact that they may not be the biggest star in the world anymore. I know I look back and think "where did the time go?" and think that my best years may be in the past. Madonna was, bar none, the biggest star in the world from about the mid 80's to mid 90's, no one could touch her. She has since had her ups and downs and bounced back with huge success. There are few entertainers who can boast a 30 year career of success. Madonna is one of a handful of music artists who can still after 30 years sell out stadiums and arenas. Todays big music artists just can't do it. Madonna should be proud of her career and realize she is one of the few who can still be relevant and successful. Showing her naked body parts on stage and at entertainment functions screams "look at me". However, at her age and with the career she has had she should be more respectful to herself and her children. I know she will say it's for art, but we all know there is more to it. Madonna can come up with some amazing, cutting edge outfits without baring her privates. Someone please convince her to stop doing the naked thing, it just does not look good on a 55 year old woman, whether you are Madonna or a regular person, have some respect for yourself.

I Think I Love You

Anyone who thinks Madonna considered turning up at any public engagement dressed like that, are the ones who have lost the plot!

' this a joke...?'. Have a wild stab in the dark, professor...


As much as I love Madonna this is further proof that she has lost the plot! Madonna's outfit would almost have been a repeat of her JPG 92 bare breasted outfit. Thank goodness Anna told her no!


Good, there's no need for that. That's not a dress. Go work on the music. I'm still not quite believing that M would dress like that for the Met Gala. Seems a bit extreme. Reminds me of something LG wore in the Telephone video. It's inappropriate. I understand being provocative, but is this a joke, or has she lost touch with reality?

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