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Madonna Blames Illness For Skipping Jury Duty

Madonna was excused from jury duty in New York on Tuesday after providing a doctor's note citing sickness for her absence.

The pop superstar, who has lived in the Big Apple since the early 1980s, had been expected to perform her civic duty at Manhattan Supreme Court, but she appeared to be a no show after failing to turn up.

However, New York County Clerk Norman Goodman has since revealed the Material Girl hitmaker had asked to postpone the court appearance due to ill health and has instead offered to report for jury duty at a later date, according to the New York Daily News.

Details of what ails the singer have not been made public, but she showed no signs of illness over America's Memorial Day weekend as she shared photos of herself riding a horse and spending time with her children on a beach via

Madonna previously attended jury duty in Beverly Hills, California in 2008, but she was dismissed after four hours.



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All the republicans that work in the congress should go jury duty since their are waisting their time doing nothing productive for the Nation. Lol...

I just saying !

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