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Eric Baudouin

Re-Invention tour was my 3rd Madge's tour... After trying to find tickets for the two nights which happened to be sold fast, I heard a third night may be open for tickets here in Paris. Soon they were, I queed for hours in la FNAC from 7.00am and by 10 box offices opened I was so nervous to find these precious tickets for two friends & myself. One hour later, a shop assistant came to speak to us to tell us standing tickets were sold out so I called my friends and they were ok for sitting ones...

Few days later, we were waiting in the Palais Omnisports de Bercy in Paris, waiting for our Queen and for sure...

When light went down, the first lyricks from the best within showed us what the mood could be during the concert, then Vogue with her Marie-Antoinette appearance - thanks to Christian Lacroix for this lovely costume... She was there facing our eyes and it was on and on for two hours ! What a great night, she spoke to us a bit in French - Great moment when I heard Imagine from John Lennon and the last part when a a Jewish Young guy was hand by hand with a Palestinian one ! very mooving & touching moment !


OMG! I just had the best time reading everyones comments about the Re-Invention tour! Its refreshing when I am reminded that the reason I bother to come here at all is to share with hard core fans! Some people's comments on here are just all vinegar and bitterness lately.

Reading about everyones amazing tour experiences really makes me connect with the energy and excitement I feel every time I see her and its incredible to share it! I have seen all of Madonna's shows live except for the Girlie Show. I have to admit the thought of a show with that title (Re-invention) made me feel like she was gonna phone it in. Oh my God was I wrong! It was one of the most exciting high energy shows I have ever seen!

Re-Invention is only second to Blond Ambition and almost tied with Confessions on the Dance floor in my (humble) opinion. I also wish she would release it on Blue Ray (I'm gonna tell you a secret captures some) as well as Blond ambition. Anyway thanks fellow fans! and Madonna, I can't wait for the new songs and tour... and please release all your tours :)

Gilbert U.

I travelled from Austin, Texas to Los Angeles, California to catch the 2nd show. For those that attended this concert you'll recall that after the 1st show Madonna got a stomach virus and hours before the 2nd showtime it got moved. I was ironing my clothes when the local news made the announcement and I almost cried. I was set to fly out on the date that the show got moved to and had to reschedule my trip.

On to the show! I met up with my LA friend at the Forum and we had lower arena seats. I enjoyed the concert so much that I then traveled to Philadelphia, Pa to catch her July 4th tour. I had 9th row seats in Philly and took some awesome pics.

My highlights of the tour was the Beast Within Intro to Vogue. That handstand was incredible followed by Nobody Knows Me. One of my favorite songs from her American Life cd and of the tour.

I was pleasantly surprised when she performed Crazy For You; had not performed this one live since the Virgin Tour. Yes, I was very young, but I've seen all her tours since Virgin up to MDNA for the exception of the Girlie Show. I can still hear Madonna thanking us fans for sticking with her through thick and thin before belting out Crazy For You. I took one of my favorite pics of her during this song!

Other highlights were Lament, Into The Groove and Papa Don't Preach. The vibe of this tour was pure perfection and I loved every outfit that she wore. Oh and who can forget Burning Up! Also not performed since the Virgin Tour. :-D

The walkway during American Life was awesome as she was able to extend herself out into the arena. I'm not going to rate this tour amongst all the others, but it holds very fond memories for me and was a pure joy from start to finish. Looking forward to the next album and tour. Long live the Queen, Madonna!


I saw this show at Slane Castle, Ireland.

Been a fan since 1986, but this one was my first ever possibility to see her live!

WTG Tour 87 i was just 12 and no way my parents would take me there.
BA 1990 I waited in vain for her to come to my hometown.
GS 93 I had a ticket for Frankfurt (and we know how that ended...)
DW 2001 I was living in Australia and couldn't afford the trip to Europe or America.

So finally 2004 I was there at the very front, and when the gates opened up everybody
was running to be up-front the stage.
While running I could hear Madonna rehearsing Material Girl, and I still couldn't believe I was about to finally see her - after 18 years of being a fan!!!

Eventually my boyfriend and I got to the very front of the stage. During the show we waved a rainbow-Peace flag we had brought along.
It was the American Life/anti-war area,
and she saw us and nodded in approval and even gave us a smile.

2 years later we saw her again in Rome, and again we were up-front. During Future Lovers or Get Together (I can't remember) she must have recognised us, as she looked me deep in the eyes, like what seemed like an eternity, and smiled at us.

Seen S&S and MDNA too of, but the feeling
I had when seeing her for the first time in 2004 remains unbeaten.

Muah, Madonna!




Ahhhhhh! ReInvention! :-) Loved it! When Madonna was still brilliant and a genius! Followed by The Confessions Tour - perfection! Madonna's greatest tour for me (Confessions - saw it 8 times; ReInvention twice.)

Then what happened? We got Sticky and Sweet and MDNA - oh dear!

How quickly the mighty fell!


I loved it. I saw her two nights in a row in chicago. I live in houston so it was a trek but well worth it. Loved the Stephen Klein x=static process intro w beast within justify my love. Classic! Then nobody knows me powerful. The rifle work on express ykurself was impressive as was the jazz infused deeper and deeper. The spinning in papa don't preach the electric chair for lament. The backdrop for frozen and the into the groove bagpipe intro. Best show!!! Ended up going to Atlanta to see it again. She Never dissappoints but this ones special to me. Remember 1st night Chicago the infamous no a/c and it was hot. 2nd night her dad was there and it was suspiciously cooler. Great costumes dancing and show. Loved all the bedtime story and vogue backdrops. Mmmuah.


Vogue. Striking the handstand pose. A million front page snaps!


honestly--I didn't like this tour--ive seen every tour since blond ambition--& was very disappointed with this one.it seemed quite lack lustre to me :( but hey--this is just my opinion!! I really struggle to remember much about it--that's how it got me.nobody knows me was probably the highlight.xx


Will there ever be a DVD ?
Also your fans need Blonde Ambition on DVD
Please Madonna :) 

T Allan

I was 23 years old when my bff and I bought tickets to this show in Chicago. I had never seen her before but bff saw the Drowned World Show three years before. I absolutely LOVED this show. I have seen every tour since this one and this one will always hold a special place in my heart. I LOVED Vogue and Nobody Knows Me. In fact, I think I liked this show better than Confessions. BFF liked this show better than Drowned World and better than Confessions. As time has passed, it seems this show gets less and less attention and that's shame because it is definitely one of her best! Probably, my favorite :-)

Dean Deralas

I moved to California from Ohio in 1999. I never had the opportunity to see Madonna perform. I caught up really fast starting with Ray of Light to MDNA tours. Mine is a crazy story for Re-invention. I paid for a real close seat at the LA Forum. It was an mazing show and you would not believe who I was sitting next too. It was Madonna's doctor and he was very nice and we struck up conversation. See Madonna and I share the same birthday(Aug 16th). He saw I was a big fan and wanted to introduce me to his daughter(I believ her name was Jordana) and she was the ticket coordinator for the show. I met her and she saw how exuberant I was and she asked for my email. Madonna went to Las Vegas next and then was returning to Honda Center in Anaheim(formerly Arrowhead Pond). Jordana said she had a surprise for me and I did not know what to expect. A day later I got the email stating I would be in the fan pit at Honda Center. Personally, I never felt excitement and a rush like that moment. I made a T-shirt that says Madonna Rocks in big black letters on the front. It was day-glow yellow and I wanted her to see it. She did and when she was on the moving track for Nobody Knows Me, I stretched my hand as far as I could and she slapped it. I could not believe it. Surreal and the ultimate creative showcase of her talents. I am so grateful that I had this crazy good fortune

Lisa K

I was at the Forum in LA on opening night; it was my first Madonna concert! I loved every minute! Then in July I got a call saying I won pit tickets for the Ft. Lauderdale show and my sister and I flew out and to this day, that is our favorite memory of something we did together. Madonna gave us both high fives and I will never forget how beautiful she was and still is! What a spectacular show it was!


This was the concert of concerts. She played 2 nights here in Atlanta. I was at both shows. The first night I took a friend and we were all the way in the back of the arena. A great show but so far away from my idol. The second night my partner went with me and we were on the floor 10th row. We were so close that when Madonna came on stage in that headstand pose we could see every rippling muscle in her fabulous body. Being that close to the one entertainer in the world that has been with me through all the highs and lows in my life I burst into tears just like a schoolgirl. I never got the crying hysteria at all until that moment. Now I totally understand. Madonna is the only entertainer to affect me in that manner. To me she is THE ultimate. She has been there with me through the tears and also in all the joy. There is always a Madonna cd in rotation in the cd player, in the car and on the iPod. I have every tour shirt and souvenir from the Drowned World tour (my first Madonna concert), the Reinvention Tour (my favorite Madonna concert), the Sticky and Sweet tour and the MDNA tour that I could find. These are the tours that I have seen live. All wonderful, fun happy memories and I thank Madonna for all the joy and support that she has brought into my life over the many many years through her Music, live concerts, and movies, some incredibly wonderful (Evita), some HORRIBLE (Swept Away), and some so bad they are good (Who's That Girl, I laugh my ass off every time I watch) but it all goes back to the music for me. RAY of LIGHT is my absolute favorite Madonna album. It showed a very moving personal side of Madonna that to me will never be matched. It was clearly one of the happiest times in Madonna's life and it showed throughout that magical album. Then MDNA showed us a very dark and angry Madonna after her divorce from Guy. As much as I liked that album, it is such a great dance album,it is very brutal. I hope she got that out of her system and I hope the next album brings her back front and center on radio and not just the clubs. Still L.U.V you Madonna!

Renee Foresman

It was one of my greatest memories in LA. There is and will be nothing like that show, the opening was the greatest feeling that one could ever imagine, every hair on your arm was standing up like you were in another realm. She is a show genius, but that one was other worldly. That was also my first time seeing her, when i was younger and in college the Detroit tickets would sell out so fast, Renee Los Angeles

Michael J. Hildebrand

I was at the second show. I had luckily I won tickets from MTV, which allowed us pit access, but had no idea that when I entered the contest that there was no travel included in the win. LOL! A bud and I took a bus from Memphis, TN all the way to LA, CA. It was an amazing and exhausting voyage.

As for the concert, it was one of the best live performances I've ever seen. Ever. Period. I've seen her twice since then, never as close as I was this time, but all have been spectacular.

Experiencing the pit was exhilarating. You couldn't bring water inside so I was completely dehydrated and voiceless by the end, but it was worth it. I got to shake hands with one of the dancers, which had me swooning for sure. An incredible moment in my life, for sure.

Jason Parrish

I saw this show in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. US. It was amazing. Loved the Vogue rendition and Nobody Knows Me on the moving treadmill like stage.

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