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Mert Alas Claims To Be 'Listening To The New Album'

Mert Alas, one half of the fashion photography pair Mert + Marcus and a frequent Madonna collaborator, caused quite the online kerfuffle by posting a photo of Madge on Instagram on Monday with a caption in which he claimed to be 'listening to the new album.'

'In my room listening to the NEW ALBUM!!!!! Im DYING!!!!!! LET ME LOVE YOU FROM INSIDE OUT @madonna.'

Could the follow-up to 2012's 'MDNA' be upon us? A rep for Madonna has declined a request for comment, but sources tell Billboard that the pop superstar's next full-length is not yet completed, and that she is still writing and recording new music for the set, presumably in Los Angeles.

Last month, Madonna told her Instagram followers that she was 'on my way to the studio to work with Avicii,' and hit the studio earlier this month to work with Natalia Kills and Martin Kierszenbaum. Toby Gad, S1 and MoZella are also attached to the new project.


Whatever the real story is (and he could be listening to songs from the album), this post by Mert Alas got social media alight last night with some very excited fans looking forward to new music from Madonna and getting #Madonna13IsComing (it will be her 13th studio album) trending worldwide on Twitter.


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Can't wait for Rebel Heart! It will be a brilliant return! Love you M!

phillip bruno

No I don't think she should 'do a Beyonce'. I don't believe Bey is the first person to release an album without promotion but as she recently did it people will say she is copying Bey and that just won't do for me. For some reason I'm excited for this new album. There seems no other distractions like there was with MDNA (her film W.E.) so full concentration is there plus after the lull that was MDNA to some people she will have learned from that like she did with the lukewarm reception for Erotica/ American Life and come back with something bigger and better like she did with Ray... and Confessions...As for all this Instagram/ Twitter stuff, I don't pay it much attention. I just think its Madonna trying to stay relevant, esp to a younger lot.


'I'm Breathless' is officially classed as a 'soundtrack' album due to the songs being from and inspired by Dick Tracy. :-/

Timo P

Isn't it her 14th album or does no one count I'm Breathless anymore?


Madonna should just pull a Beyoncé. Just out with it and stop all the teasing crap. That doesn't work anymore. It never worked for all her albums since "Confessions." After all the hype, flop goes the album. Just release it and let the people decide if it's good or not. The sales will speak for themselves.

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