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Madonna Calls Kale 'Gay', World Totally Overreacts

What a commotion over leafy vegetables. Madonna called kale ‘gay’ and now a whole load of people are offended. OK, you need some context with that? Well, here it is:

Madge was playing a game of word association in which she associated Hillary Clinton 'angry' and the Crocs shoe as 'effective'.

Then, when confronted with kale (the world reknowned andmuch respected superfood) she associated it with ‘gay’. Well, it is rather fabulous.

And now the world is all up in arms with some sections of it suggesting Madonna is a big ol’ homophobe and was using the term as an insult. Maybe Madge just hates kale because it’s biggest advocate is her arch enemy Gwyneth Paltrow?

Seriously though, we think that this is rather a jump considering the woman is a well know AIDS/HIV activist and just provided the soundtrack to a mass wedding of (yep, you guessed it) gays at the Grammys.

However, even if she did use the word in a negative sense (which would have been a bit silly, granted) we reckon it’s still not justifiable to call her homophobic. Don’t forget that Putin and the Russians almost sued her because of her support of gay people.

Saying this, some people will continue to be outraged. We suppose it’s best to let them stew.

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Madonna should be more considerate of her gay fans & what she said was offensive to many people & unnecessary.

Madonna largely abandoned her gay fans during 1994-2004, it's only in recent times she has decided to be gay friendly again.


@Leon181: Ha ha ha ha! BRILLIANT! *THE* best comment in this thread! Crocs are the footwear of the Devil - the thought of Madonna wearing those is far mor shocking than her attempt (again) at being "down wiz da kidz" and using 'gay' in this way!


sorry but this is such nonsense. really? really? maybe Peter you should look into yourself to see why you automatically assume her using the word gay is a negative thing. this whole thing is ridiculous, you seriously need to grow up if you are "offended" by it. I'm going to go back to work and eat my GAY Kale. actually from now on i'm going to keep calling it Gay Kale because it's all rather stupid.


Forget Madonna calling Kale gay. I'm more disgusted with the fact she called Crocs effective! Yuk!

Gary Ryckewaert

Jeez, Madonna has been one of the biggest supporters of the gay community ever! Sometimes the written word which we are reading about in this situation is taken out of context. Madonna is well known for using irony and contradictions in her music lyrics and sometimes she is the only one who truly knows what the lyrics mean or are referencing. I don't think for a second she was being homophobic. Before you decide what you think, make sure to go back and look at her support of the gay community, the money she has raised for Aids research, the money she has donated for Aids research, the amount of gay men and women she has employed over the years and the awareness she has contributed through her music and accompanying videos throughout the years. Calling Madonna homophobic would be like saying Giraffes are purple. Settle down everyone and do your homework before you start an uneducated opinion.


@Peter: so who informed you that the word 'gay' is negative or derogatory and why do you think that? Perhaps the issue with the word is yours and not Madonnas?


Well, i think that we don´t have to take it personal, gays are allowed to make jokes about gays and straights are not allowed to make jokes?, we could say that Rocco is gay or Lola is lesbian, should Madonna feel ofended about it? or what about David, he has grown up without a father and loves to dress up his mother, is he gay?, should we discuss about what is gay or what´s not?, gender is an invention of society, women are invented,if someone has play roles about gender, that´s Madonna, her words shouldn´t be taken seriously, indeed if you tell somebody that you listen to Madonna, you are considered being gay in the whole planet, all her fans are women or gay, but i had never heard of before about that vegetable called Kale and less in english.

Dean Ismail

I wonder who those people critisizing her are. Perhaps many of those people are in fact the ones who are homophobic.
Madonna is not homophobic.
EVEN IF she calls Kale "gay" as a joke.


I am a dyed in the wool fan of Madonnna since 1985. I was a little gay boy (who didn't know it yet) in Oklahoma, USA. Yeah, it was terrible. And then I discovered Madonna. I have been devoted ever since.

I am now so, so disappointed. As if the Twitter sh*t with her use of the racist word wasn't enough. Now she is not only saying homophobic things; she is saying sexist things too (i.e Hillary Clinton = angry; for M of all people to say this. Crap. The irony is unbearable. Makes me sad for the world.)

And of course most of the media coverage, including that posted here, misses the point. The question is not "Is M homophobic?" because of course she is not. The question is "Is what she said homophobic?". Yes it is. Using "gay" as a descriptor to make a joke or an insult is homophobic.

Now, of course, M will say one of the following: (a) "freedom of speech"; (b) "#revolutionoflove", or (c) "judging is wrong". These are all bullsh*t responses, for the following reasons.

(a): No one is questioning M's right to speak, only the merit of what she says, which we all have the right to do. (b): this is meaningless drivel, as any M fan with a university degree knows; (c): judging is perfectly right when people say racist, sexist, and/or homophobic things.

M needs to atone. What the F is wrong with her these days?


What the fuck happened to LIz Rosenberg, and is she no longer advising Madge? All these outbursts are so out of character for a person who is worldly and culturally literate. What is going on? Who is she surrounding herself with?


What a nonsense! It was NOT Putin but Russian parliament members who had issued a law against propaganda of homosexuality among children and teen-agers under 18 years of age in mass media etc. Putin just signed it. He said many times that homosexuality and homosexual relations among adults over 18 are not prohibited in Russia. That's the truth.
Conserning Madonna's concert in Russia ... I don't think that Putin was interested in it.


Yeah, cause 'homophobe' is definitely the first word that springs to mind at the very mention of the name 'Madonna'- the incarnation and poster girl of the "them queers are 'gainst religern", Deliverance-esque bango-playing white trash W.A.S.P. sect. Total homophobe! Total!

Juan José Goldaracena

Why are people assuming that associating kale with gay is ofenssive? I really don't get it. Kale is good and gay is good. So?

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