Plan for Madonna birthplace sign moves ahead
25 Years Ago Controversial 'Like a Prayer' Pepsi Ad Aired


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HI Mia =) its funny always in the bathroom lol.most selfies ive seen are always in the bathroom guess after a shower or when ready to leave or go out to a club or party. guess its the final look at yourself to see how others will see ya.i think lol


I don't know this Avicci well.. I must say I understand why some may not agree with the Idea. I'm excited for a new album guy's YAY =) However I must say Madonna needs to realize just cause she is working with the hottest DJ'S or some a Younger Act its not guarantee sales/radio hit especially where she wants it most (the USA)I also heard the UK radio will no not play her stuff anymore something with fans being over 30 or something of that sort,, But nothing wrong with trying to pushing the younger crowd either. Lets just show are support anyway! Someone tell her manager something lol.. Yes since Guy Richie who I believe kept Madonna distant and ruined her in many ways Madonna was trying to be someone she was not, but hey she is human.

cant wait for the new album.
peace guys!


agree with Lily---I always thought it weird too that almost 30 years into the career she did all the perfume,clothes,etc rubbish.i really wish shed ''re-invent'' herself!! shes had this hair style forever!! ive just heard shes working with Avicci too!!! :( she used to lead not follow--as a fan from day one in the 80's--I find current Madonna,a bit sad--when she first shook my world-I wanted to be like her--she was cool,had balls,didnt care what people thought of her---all that seems gone now :( she seems to care a bit to much about what people think of her now(the gloves)-her natural coolness has faded(trying to keep in with the kids)it almost breaks my one can ever take away her outstanding career--I just don't want her to become an aging laughing stock! :( xxx


Agree with you, Sean! It seems to me that since her divroce from Guy Ritchie, MAdonna has been ever less inventive, and very insecure AND narcissistic. I find it very sad that Madonna has come so late in the game (i.e. her career) to the world of celebrity endorsement, i.e. perfume, clothing, etc. Since her msuic no longer sells in huge quantities (yes, her tours gross megabucks), I guess it is inevitable. We want the creative Madonna back not Corporate Madonna!


Am i the only one becoming increasingly bored by the incessant posing, staged 'don't i look well in this fabulous lighting that makes me look 20 years younger' selfies, grandiose and hypocritical instagram messages spouting cliches about freedom fighting and revolutions and all the other self-absorbed claptrap M has been spouting lately? It's so easy to provide moralising lectures from the ivory tower of a multi-million dollar bank account.It's reeking of hypocrisy and especially irritating from a self-proclaimed freedom fighter whose ever-widening business ventures into every possible market going provides a clear indication of her true obsessions and goals. What's 100 million in the account when you could have 200 million? What's 200 million when a new make up brand and overpriced perfume could make it 250 million? What's 250 million when another over-priced world tour can double it? She may shy away from the material girl slogan but when the title fits, it fits. Freedon fighter and woman of the masses my arse. She's almoast as irritating as Bono these days and that's saying something!


I just don't get Madonna sometimes. She has been a role model for millions of women (and men) for decades. She shows herself as strong, independent, focussed, an achiever... yet she continues to wear these ridiculous gloves all the time. She clearly dislikes her wrinkled hands intensely, and I guess is somewhat miffed that there is a total mismatch between face and hands. I just wish Madonna would dispense of the gloves and be "out and proud" with her hands!


If she is serious about the dirty/clean theme, it could come along as a prop on the next tour...


I like Madonna's hair chain.

phillip bruno

I wonder if its because bathrooms have a habit of not only making your singing voice sound great with its acoustics but also has great lighting for some reason...I know because I like to sing in the bathroom and sound great and used to make my tapes there when I wanted to be a singer when I was younger and also do my make up there too before a night out...and I'm a bloke


Why is Madonna taking selfies in her bathroom all the time?... any theories?...

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