Madonna Announces Avicii Collaboration
Rob Lowe missed his chance with Madonna

Madonna's Instagram: Heading to the studio with Avicii

Madonna ingformed her fans that after a bit of light house work she would be heading to the studio to make music with Avicii!

'Doing some house work before heading to the studio with Avicci!‪#‎artforfreedom‬ ‪#‎clean‬'

And when people noticed that she had spelt Avicii's name wrong, Madonna replied:

'Doing some house work after 4 hours of sleep which is why i cant spell! On my way to the studio to work with Avicii! ‪#‎clean‬'


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I would not mind if she had collaborated with Avicci before he became Avicci. Now the guy has a multi-platinum record, his songs are everywhere (and personally I have grown tired of hearing them)...and 100 years later here comes Madonna with her Hit Parade-like collaboration...ah god...MDNA was worthed because of the tour because from the album, the only songs that really have something are indeed the ballads. the same happened with hard candy. Gone to work with Timbaland after everybody had their ride (Nelly Furtado and JT 2006/2007), when the sound was it comes madonna. Curiously none of the ballads here were singles (Why not release Devil Wouldn't Recognize you or Dance Tonight with JT??). Don't understand what is going on.I love MAdonna but at this moment I only care about the tours and regarding that, less is more. There has been too many changes and the megamixes in the songs that we cant almost enjoy them now ...they are just lost in the benny benassi paraphernalia...


Can't believe someone doesn't think of Niles as 'current.' He is one of the hottest producers around -- and for the record wanted to work with Avicii way before Daft Punk ! :)


I like 'Avicii' - this is great news! I own his latest album which features songs that sound like country tinged electro-pop... could Madonna be revisiting the sound of 'Don't Tell Me'?

I do hope Madonna changes her tired look & hairstyle- never thought I'd ever say that about Madonna, she used to be 'a master of disguise'.


I think it´s as "simple" as that she felt to work with A out of that she enjoys his music and he said yes.


he makes dance tracks and Madonna likes dance so not really surprised , think she want to do as much dance stuff while she can , and F.Y.I. i like avicci, his remix of girl gone wild was the best

phillip bruno

The only person I'd like to see Madonna work with next is Nile Rogers...Not jumping on the bandwagon, she worked with him 30 years ago and I think it would work now too.No Avicii, just too current. I'd also like to see her colab with more mature female artists, so none of the young, fresh and new lot...My dream collabs would be...
Madonna and Gwen Stefani= trendy edgy track
Madonna and Kate Bush= something ethereal
Madonna and Kylie= out n out pop
Madonna and Cher= Beautiful Stranger meets I Found Someone.
Madonna and Courtney Love= danced up Mono
Thats just to be starting with...


This is not news any more...Avici, Timberlake, Britney - what a waste of herself and music. Say goodbye :-(


Madonna has been a follower for a few years now... The only thing I can say is that at least she is dropping that R&B/ghetto wannabe cr*p...yo yo in da club


Why doesn't she realise that HER fans have been fans for a VERY long time (1986 myself 'Open your heart' on 7 inch vinyl was my first ever record) yes she used to lead by a country mile and in my opinion it's got worse since confessions on a dance floor which was a great album but ever since it's been tripe with a few prime beef cutlets thrown in (I'm addicted is a cracking tune) I really wish she would realise the kids don't matter the adults do!!!! We have grown up with you Madonna show us you have grown too. That said I still hope the next album is a corker and if it is I'll eat Gaga pie ;-)


What is it with the bathroom all the time ??? A grown up ballads album would have been good - oh well, i will still get it lol with lifetime fans like me guaranteed sales and interest no matter what she does even if it is from the bathroom


Horrific news...bloody terrible producer.


@ Lily: While i don't share the pessimism regarding the Avicii collaboration ('Wake Me Up' was one of the best tracks of last year) i have to say that the 'Confessions from a bathroom floor' jibe was hilarious. Yes, for a woman who apparently hates repeating herself, she's never out of that dang bathroom posing for selfies. Vanity? Never! Good lighting? How very dare! There's been that many in recent months she's probably struck enough poses with a wide enough range of soaps, perfume bottles and porcelain tiled backgrounds to publish a sequel to 'Sex'. If it was dirty then i guess the sequel will be clean. And as for wearing a diamond tiara to do housework, i don't think so. I'm guessing the Lady M hasn't operated a hoover or wiped down a surface in years. 'Confessions from a Bathroom Floor' #funnyasfook!


@tracy: YES -the Leader is now the Follower! Wouldn't surprise me if the album is called 'Confessions from a Bathroom Floor', either! :-D


No Avicci! Horrible news! Boo that!


Totally agree with you Tracey,
thought exactly the same when I glanced it earlier in day.Was thinking the other day about her not leading anymore,that is when she is at her best- She is just doing music by numbers. She needs to go on a retreat or something, re focus, sort herself out.


Yes! That's the kind of news i like hearing from M's camp. Good to know that the new album will not be a ballad fest. Let's hope there's a 'Wake Me Up' style dance epic on the horizon.


No!!!! I hate Avicci :( what happened to the Madonna that used to lead-not follow???? Oh yeah-she started to desperately be cool & down with the kids :( :( do not like this news at all!!! xx

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