Books: Madonna Like A Prayer 25th Anniversary
Events: Like A Prayer 25th Anniversary Celebration


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I really like Madonna, and excited for what's to come, but really don't appreciate her mocking Jesus. While it is not her in the costume, she posted it and poked fun at it. Madonna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears are no Gods. While this is one of the less harsh blasphemy posts by Madonna, it is still offensive. I know she likes to start controversy and rebel, sometimes I agree, but don't bring Jesus into the equation unless you are praying to Him or evangelizing about Him in a non-mocking manner.


love it!


I actually LOVE this white blonde hair on her-but guessing its just a wig!! she desperately needs a new hair style--its been forever!!! however--that Jesus is seriously creepy :0 xxx


Love it. Still in the damn bathroom with fab-u-lous lighting but, hey, when you're rocking Daenerys Targaryen, fair dos! Can't wait for GOT season 4.

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