Patrick Leonard Talks 'Like A Prayer' at 25
Madonna to Direct Interracial Romance 'Ade: A Love Story'


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Wales-I'm am sure boredom is a common problem with you as you probably lack the intelligence quotient to read beyond two sentences. Or the requirements to allow yourself to concentrate for longer than 10 seconds. I am a physician, I recommend you take Adderall, it will help with your ineptitude. And you still read my original post wrong, I never mentioned her hair.


Holden - you said Morticia Adams who has black hair? Really you shouldn't have typed so much, I got through the first two sentences before I got bored.


What a wonderful picture!


First of all, Wales1978, no where in my post did I mention that she was not maternal because of her dark hair. I am saying her LOOK is not maternal as she is sporting a gothic look (hair and dress are dark, pale makeup, red lipstick, her body posturing and positioning, as well as her proximity to Lola looks as though she is a paranormal creature haunting the child, etc.) Madonna's look in this pic appears like a ghost who was accidently photographed surrounding the toddler. I am aware of the look as it was what she was sporting during the 1998 VH1 Fashion Awards performance, but this "gothic succubus" look made her appear anything but maternal.

So, Wales, her dark hair has nothing to with her being maternal; however, her dark LOOK (hair is a small component) does not illustrate Madonna's maternal side. With all of that said, I believe Madonna to be very maternal as she continues to raise 4 children-of course, with alot of help. Her life is so busy and scheduled with work, training, etc. that parenting is probably not a large component of her life; she probably delegates a great deal of that responsibiity to nannies, tudors, governesses, housekeepers, etc, though I am sure she considers parenting a priority. I hope I clarified for you the difference between BEING maternal and LOOKING maternal.


Morticia Adams also was maternal in her own way.
Unfortunately there are always people who write things to cause arguments or fights, surely they are not Madonna´s fans.
She looks beautiful...!


@ Holden - So what does having dark hair got to do with her not being maternal?


Maternal my a**! Madonna looks like Morticia Addams!

Mad on You

Love this photo. Madonna looks very maternal. A lovely candid photo.

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