Madonna's custom crystal cowboy hat: All the details
Madonna video fest, symposium to be held in Bay City


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@Jeannie: Trust me love, I truly couldn't care less what Tracy or dknowles has to say. The 'stop being a dick' is a film reference. Granted, it's uncommon for people to reference Madonna's less than illustrious film career but I figured that anyone registering comments on a Madonna fansite would have the foresight to understand the context of the juxtaposition of 'dick' and 'tracy' in the same sentence. Then again, maybe not. Desperately seeking your inevitable comeback...


@Sean - yet another Stan who can't accept when they are wrong? You made a weak, puerile and feeble attempt at 'humor' and failed. Get over yourself! I'm with Tracy! (Also, can a girl be a 'Dick'....? Maybe in your little world...)


@ Tracy: Stop being a Dick!


@Sean: who is this Les, then? Lesley or Leslie? Do you know Les? A friend of yours? Attempts at this type of 'joke' only work when the play on words is correct. 'Hugnkiss' works, 'KNOW LES' does not (even though I got what you meant, despite the actual fail!).


@dknowles: Never since Amanda Hugnkiss has a name so succinctly summed up an individual as your neverendingly predictable negative vitriolic diatribes on everything and anything on this site so clearly cements what we already knew - that you KNOW LES than you think and that your supposed views are merely designed to inspire a reaction like some kind of sad rent-a-gob desperately looking for attention. I'd recommend the yellow pages for you my dear as there's bound to be a good psychologist out there for you who can treat your attention deficit disorder.



Everytime I read a comment from you I feel so enlightened. Thank you for being such an inspiration.


dknowles, completely disagree with you. Clearly this guy had demons to deal with and he dealt with it in a very destructive and deadly way. He recently went to rehad and that sends a message that he doesn't promote drug use. Addicts are not idiots, they are you and me. Addiction had nothing to do with intelligence or lack of.


@dknowles: Well as we all know, Madonna is now the bandwagon-jumper extraordinaire (as well as a frustrated actress), so her cheesy Instagram account would not have been complete without this posting about PSH. Once she led; now she follows (slavishly). So sad.


Yes what a shocker, R.I.P P.S.H
one of the best actors is now gone..
what ever his escape was. was his business!


Dknowkles: you again?


I wouldn`t call people with drug and substance issues `genuises``. They`re simply dumb idiots wasting whatever talent they possess by destroying themselves. Neither do I have any respect for anyone who glorifies or justifies drug and substance abuse and abusers.


oh my god what a shock. such an amazing actor. May he rest in peace and my thoughts to his loved ones.

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