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Fans vie for chance to work out with Madonna in Toronto


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@ Tracy
Your comment speaks the truth about drico. Let's just all ignore this person and they will eventually crawl back under their rock. The anonymity of the internet unfortunately lets people spew nastiness with no consequences. It's really a sad commentary on society today. Those type of people crave the attention any way they can get it. Pity.

@ bristar it is great to see you back and your words were very well put. I hope that you continue posting to this site. Don't let one vile person ruin it for you.


@drico: Sweetie - you really do need anger management classes to sort your 'issues' out. Or soap to wash out that foul mouth of yours. Low self-esteem? Swearing usually indicates lack of education and an inability to express oneself adequately...


I come in here.. post my opinion on things I don't specify on people about their opinions calling them out.. I'm tired of one person coming in under different names calling me out.. again fuck anyone who has bitch ass remark to say to me...



Madonna sure loves her bathroom! She posts enough pics from it on Instagram!


"Tracy fuck you! and anyone one else who's got something to say to me,, you don't have a momma you cunt... bitch you don't know me or Madonna. So quit while you can...its my OPINION....that's what PAGE is for..if the shoe fit's wear it and clearly its seems to be your size.

Posted by: drico | Saturday, 15 February 2014 at 06:59 PM "

I am in favour of freedom of speech; however, most Boards/Forums have a rule that such vicious attacks as this - and nasty attacks in general - are not allowed. On the one hand, I totally and utterly applaud all at Madonnalicious for having the grit and guts to post not just fawning comments about Madonna, but also ones that are more critical, both constructively and sometimes not so! As Madonna sang herself "Nobody's Perfect"!

That said, ones such as this (and there are others, I am just using this as an example) are just totally unacceptable in my mind. If you made such comments to someone at college or in the workplace, you would be disciplined and/or sacked, and rightly so. On Twitter or Facebook - well you'd be either blocked or have the authotities after you. Say this to someone's face in a bar or club? Well, you all know what the likely outcome would be there. Common decency costs nothing and counts for everything.

It also seems to me that a lot of this attitude has arisen even more since Madonna herself has started telling people on Instagram to get lost if they don't like her. I have always admired Madonna for her ballsiness but, even where Madonna is concerned, I have always found her nastiness and condescending attitude equally distasteful.

I have been a regular visitor - and former regular poster - at Madonnalicious right from the outset and in its initial incarnation as The Little Star. I have had many personal email exchanges with Claire, have 'known' her from various previous Forums, and have long been an admirer of her hard work and efforts in bringing Madonna news to the public. It is a labour of love for her. However, I have started to visit less and less - and post comments even less - (1) because Madonna no longer excites me the way she used to and (2) the sheer vitriole and nastiness that posters throw against one another now is just staggering and mindblowing to me.

Reasoned debate, discussion and constructive critcism is healthy and to be encouraged; however, when it is deemed (apparently) acceptable to call someone you don't even know (I presume) a "cunt" and tell them to "fuck off" well, for me, the boundaries have been well and truly crossed.

Many of the best times of my life - and I have been a fan right from the outset (Camden Palace in 1983 - Madonna's first live UK performance and the first time I saw her) - have Madonna as the musical backdrop. I met my current bf dancing to 'Hung Up' in 2005. The Confessions Tour - all four visits, plus Confessions on a GAY Dancefloor - is a highlight of my personal life, especially being front row with my dear friend, Huw, on the Sunday night at Wembley.

It is with great sadness to me that some of the fans have descended to this level of personal and vicious attacks on other fans. And, as I have previously said, I am not singling out drico - this is one comment of many I have read of late.

Everything considered, I doubt I will have much inclination to visit this site anymore, but I really do hope that people on here can start being a bit nicer to each other. After all, in 1985, didn't Madonna sing at Live Aid "Love Makes the World Go Round"?

I hope you all find love and peace in your lives.



Tracy fuck you! and anyone one else who's got something to say to me,, you don't have a momma you cunt... bitch you don't know me or Madonna. So quit while you can...its my OPINION....that's what PAGE is for..if the shoe fit's wear it and clearly its seems to be your size.


I love it how you all totally misinterpret Madonna's quotes on the revolution of love and then you start fighting amongst yourselves! How ironic :) x


@JC: You miss the point. I was correcting your appalling grammar!


For a person that's not sorry Madonna certainly loves to remind us that she's not sorry... is it a case of 'I doth protest too much'.


@Ricardo - I have researched this quote at length and there is nothing that either confirms or disproves whether Shakespeare wrote this. However, given that it IS a very well-known quote, it proves one thing: Madonna no longer has an original bone in her body.

Although you apparently don't like Google, may I suggest you Google (or other search engine) the following:

"Time is very slow for those who wait..."

Sounds VERY like the opening line of 'Hung Up' which, of course, was also recycled from Madonna's very own 'Love Song'. Original? Madonna? Not when you start digging a little below the veneer...!

Not sure whether the Moderators will allow this to be published!


@Tracy... I was referring to her statement about Pussy Riot... Regarding the other comment Madonna is a smart woman... If she acknowledged Shakeapeare or not... Who cares? There are far more important things going on... By the way, Did you directly ask her whether or not she knows it's Shakespeare who said that? If she didn't hear it straight from her mouth then your comment has no validity whatsoever! ;)


@Tracy: Um, that quote is so not from Shakespeare (don't believe everything Google tells you). And yes, she look s smoking hot. And yes, she is still the Queen. Can't wait for the next album, tour, movie....


@drico: bet you don't have many friends with that attitude. Probably the same reason why M is so lacking in the friends department, too. Nasty is as nasty does.


That's right MADONNA tell it like it is.. SCREW all hating hypocritical attention seeking sad whores that have nothing good post/say here and other sites..
(my opinion so back off!!!!)


I dont think she is full of anger... She is expressing herself and standing up for what she believes in and for that I applaud her


@JC: apart from the fact it is "spoken", 'The Queen' has not spoken. This is from Shakespeare. Not that M would acknowledge another author (and I checked the post on Instgram before making this comment...). She probably didn't even know it was Shakespeare...


Smoking hot pic


We get it . . . Madonna doesn't care. And that's exactly the problem.

Strong words indeed, but with not caring comes unpopularity and unsuccessful projects and public endeavors. There ARE consequences, and Madonna is in denial.

Robert King

I feel so sorry for you Madonna, so much anger !


Love it !!!! Message about love and hate
so true


I'll love you more if you stop filling yourself up with botox.


Amen ! The queen has spoke !

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