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MDNA SKIN Launches in Japan On February 12

Madonna reveals plans for new album at fitness club launch

Madonna fans can expect to hear some new tunes in the future from the music icon with plans for a new album - but she's keeping a tight lid on the details. 'Yes, plans are in the works already. Don't ask me with who, it's a secret, top secret,' Madonna said coyly in a red carpet interview Tuesday night at Hard Candy Fitness club in Toronto.

In the meantime, fitness was top of mind for the pop superstar who paid a visit north of the border for the official launch of her luxury fitness brand in Canada. The Hard Candy Fitness Toronto club opened for business in October, joining international locations in Berlin, Rome, Sydney, Santiago, Mexico City, Moscow and St. Petersburg. In addition to the large-scale images of the Material Girl emblazoned on the walls throughout the facility, Madonna also has a hand in shaping the fitness routines with classes based on her daily workouts.

Madonna said dance has always been a big part of her shows and she can't imagine not having movement, dance and fitness being part of her work - a philosophy she's applied to her burgeoning fitness brand.

'I have fun working out and I don't think working out should be boring. And I think dance is an important part of a workout,' said Madonna, looking elegant in a sleek black blazer and skirt designed by famed Canadian duo DSquared2, accessorized with black and gold gloves.

'I used to run when I stopped dancing. I used to run and I thought it was so boring. So dance is fun because you can play music, you can move your body in every direction.'

A select few got to see Madonna in action as she led the cardio-based Addicted to Sweat class, which combines elements of high-impact aerobics with choreography. The session was closed to the media, but among the participants were 30 people who earned the chance to dance alongside the pop diva following several auditions.

'Just to have a window into that world, it's a once in a lifetime incredible opportunity. It's like being in a dream,' said class participant Blair Boudreau prior to taking part in the session.

Nicole Winhoffer, Madonna's personal trainer, said the star averages between 1 1/2 and two hours for workouts six days a week, a rigorous routine that involves fully body conditioning with multiple repetitions, ab and arm work and use of jump rope or basketballs. 'She's actually really consistent, really easy. She gives such good direction. There's no guessing. I know what she's going to like, what she's not going to like. She gives us very clear feedback and we move very fast. It's so amazing to work with her.'

So are there any Canadian artists on Madonna's workout playlist? When asked, she responded: 'Drake.' And would she like to collaborate with the homegrown hip-hop star in the future? 'If he'll have me,' Madonna replied.

From The Canadian Press


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Madonna may still work with Pitbull, Imthink this is the kind of music we'll get soon.


@Graeme: I agree with your thoughts & sentiments about Madonna's musical career over the recent 14 years.

Madonna's next album will be the 'deal breaker' for me regarding my future following & support of Madonna (after two bad albums in a row). I dearly want her to make a great new album, if not it will be 'the power of goodbye'- I will always cherish her music from the 80's & 90's though.

I wish Madonna was still surrounded by people that were 'real' with her- sadly she has fallen out with a great many people & she has a distorted view of herself, she needs her late 90's humility. I wish Madonna read people's comments on this website, it might give her the wake up she needs.


I agree with everyone who has commented on no more rappers and no more EDM! I think when you look back on Madonna's album output, she lost her way from Music onwards. Apart from a few standout tracks, Music was very much 'the Vocoder album' and this followed through style-wise in 'American Life'. COADF was, arguably, the Madonna that many of the fans adoer - plus, for the first time, she attracted new fans (largely due to Hung Up). Then came Hard Candy which, for my money, was a mixed bag for sure, and is probably one of the most disliked albums amongst her fans. We also started getting the rappers arriving. This album also marked a truning point for M's career in the UK - a flop single! (Miles Away, scraping into the UK Top 40 at #39 for one week). Then, for me, the horror of all horrors was released, MDNA! Again, a run of flop singles. MAdonna needs to really put something out of the bag with the new album - I believe and hope she still can.


Madonna's new album will be copycat EDM, with guest rappers & there will be a Miley Cyrus duet, & she will continue with her bad girl freedom fighter image. This is not what I want, but sadly this is what will happen.

Madonna has only two albums left under her current contract & I doubt she will be signed up by any other label when it expires. Madonna could then self-fund & independently release music- but I doubt she would want to spend her own money on this.


maybe duet with Rihanna ? anyone agree with that ?


agree!!agree!!agree!!! hated the hard candy album(with the exception of maybe 2/3 songs!!)----NO MORE RAPPERS!!!Madonna---please work with 'up & coming' again--not 'who 13 year olds love'!!! sad-but true--Madonna isn't relevant to the youngsters of today(with the exception of a few-like my daughter who has been raised on Madonna!!)--but none of her class mates really know who she is :( & that is sad.xx


I knew you didn't have the guts to post my comment. You're a common sheep anyway.


I agree. NO more rappers or hip hop crap.


what I have been waiting to hear finally! =) Yes No rappers please..







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