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Madonna: I get sick of my own music

Madonna has declared she gets tired of hearing her own music. The queen of pop revealed at the opening of her Hard Candy Fitness gym in Toronto, Canada, that she doesn't work out to her own hits, and she's fed up of hearing them.

Madonna told Entertainment Tonight Canada: 'I don't work out to my music - I hate my music! I mean, I'm sick of it. I love my music, but I'm just kind of sick of it. I like to hear other people's music when I work out.'

The 55-year-old singer is famous for her honed physique, but confessed even she has body issues sometimes. Madonna revealed: I have a love/hate relationship with my body. Some days I'm happy with it and other days....I wasn't born with Gisele Bundchen's body unfortunately, so you got to work for it - but it's OK.'

And the mother-of-four - who is dating 26-year-old dancer Timor Steffens - also admitted she isn't a fan of 'big bulky' guys. The Hung Up star said: "You need to work out. I'm not into big bulky muscles, but a little more definition would be good. 'I like a lean, mean, fighting machine!'

From Press Association Via Yahoo! News


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I hope for Madonna's next tour that she delivers a unique set list. Fine include some tracks from her new album however all other songs should be rare hits from Madonna's amazing back catalogue! I'm thinking Cherish, This Used To Be My Playground, American Pie, I'll Remember, Deeper & Deeper, The Power Of Goodbye, Who's That Girl, Take A Bow (end the show with this one). Plus no black outfits.


Ugh this is what I dont get about Madonna. Ok I understand about being bored of doing the same music all the time for her tours but her attitude is abhorrent.

She only wishes she could have the hits like she used to! As hard as she tries she just cant so she should appreciate her catalogue more!


I think it is obvious that M gets sick of her music quickly. Apart from songs like La Isla Bonita which she performs over and over and over again in concert, she quickly drops stuff and/or then changes it beyond all recognition. Look at Hung Up from Confessions to S&S to MDNA tours!!!


she has survived and thrived for 30 years


I’m sure other artists don’t work out to the tune of their own work too, but that statement just sounds really arrogant coming from Madonna . . .
Madonna should learn to have respect and appreciation, first and foremost to her fans, the ones who would literally kill for her, then to her music. At the end of the day, she’s not gonna be remembered for her embarrassing and cringe-worthy antics on Istagram, she’s not gonna be remembered for dating young no-names, she’s not gonna be remembered for her stupid religious and political views . . . she will be remembered for her music. That’s her legacy. But no, she has no respect and appreciation for it. Hence, her lack of success in anything. Jack of all trades, mistress of none.
Madonna needs to have a sense of direction and purpose if she wants to survive and thrive in show business.


Well, we all love her because of her music, not because of her body and her image and personality, even tough they are exceptional!, but firstably, her music is the escence fans are liked to, her and her soul

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