Miley Grinds On Madonna, Madonna Grinds Back
Madonna's custom crystal cowboy hat: All the details


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Pablo Cancino

GREAT PERFORMANCE, I liked it more than the original song, sorry for the haters, Miley is the top selling artist at the moment, thats why it deserves to sing along her, she is talented, the problem is that her musical style is pretty diferent than the style Madonna's fans are get used to, we are from other decades and Miley pays tribute with a song when she was an i infant, i think that the problem is that the pop music nowadays is awful, what can we expect?


very nice and sweet,i like their smiling faces but u know...there is only one queen=)


Christ that was horrible. Keep tarnishing her crown GuyO.


You must be a terrible miserable person to just sit there and type nothing but negative comments about Madonna. And before you call me a stan there have been several times that I have been critical of M on this site but I have made my point in a polite manner, all you seem to spew is hatred of M. I have not read one positive thing from you about M. This is a FAN SITE for other Madonna fans who can agree and disagree on all things M, not a site where you can just show your obvious dislike of her. Take it elsewhere please. I'm sure there are plenty of sites for Madonna bashers such as yourself. This IS NOT one of those sites. Thank you


Madonna doesn't need Miley…period.


Darksky: First of all, Madonna is NOT a mature or strong woman. One only needs to look at what she's posting on Instagram to see my point.

Anyhoo, the reason why nobody says anything bad about Bruce Springsteen, Bono, Paul McCartney (and the like) when they perform with young artists is because they don't do silly and embarrassing things on stage when they do so. When did you ever see The Boss kissing another man on stage or Willie Nelson exposing his but when performing?????


I liked the performance- it was surprisingly tame for those two! I'm glad Madonna's rediscovered her great song 'Don't Tell Me".

What I don't like is Madonna revisiting her iconic looks (twice in a row now)from earlier eras.

Madonna needs to reinvent her look, hairstyle, sound, & persona for her next album & tour. Madonna can't afford to make another lacklustre album. Madonna has proven she has talent & the ability to adapt in the past- she needs to do this again.


Michael: There are NO haters here. The ones who "bash" Madonna in this site are the sane ones, because they're truthful enough to say the truth and see what is wrong. They're actually the ones who really love her, and they find it awfully painful to see her go down so low in everything on a daily basis nowadays.

Again: there are No haters here. There are only irrational fans and blind followers like you.


Much as I dislike Miley and her music, I enjoyed this performance.

It was really good to see Madonna having fun on stage, and I thought she looked good in her cowboy get-up.



I actually enjoyed this. M looked having fun. If you don't like her, just go. This is a place for Madonna fans, not haters.


Isn't it strange, when some old guy sang with a younger singer, ain't no one say a bad thing about it...but when a more mature lady just like madonna does it, so many people are seeing it like a gimmick or something...poor madonna...poor all the strong women out there.


Is Madonna living completely in a bubble? She used to be so aware, but now it seems like she has surrounded herself with yes men who will not tell her the truth. She is so much better than this. Why diminish and cheapen herself by being around these pop starlets?

She really needs to get rid of Guy O, and his terrible career mismanagement.


The best comment is "no comment".
I'm a huge fan but this wasn't necessary at all.

Romel Francis Lazaro

NO matter what the rest would say about this being BAD...EAT IT! IT's one of her best and fun performances. I'm not a fan of Miley but I think she nailed it her too and you can see how much she adores my QUEEN!

Jack J

One word: DESPERATION! Madonna, I love you dearly so it breaks my heart to say this... you don't need to ride on every young artists' coat-tails to stay relevant and you don't need to try to "shock" people at this stage of your career. You have "been there, done that." I really hate to say this but you are not aging gracefully and are looking so desperate to hold on to the throne. Please stop listening to Guy O and go back to being the pioneer you always were. Make a "pop" record (with Patrick Leonard & Wilim Orbit perhaps)that appeals to your fans and not worry about capturing the youth market. Your fans still love you... you don't need to prove anything anymore...


I thought it was very cute. Like a variety show. It wasn't perfect, but totally charming in it's imperfection.


Personally Im bored w watching two female stars grind on each other...cliche trite u know. I guess its tuff to be edgy nowadays since everything has been done before. Now Katy Perry's illuminati shtick (yeah sadly I know Madonna is down on the same page as every other celebrity who sold their soul) at the Grammys is a little fresher cuz that more obvious satanic stuff is too dark. Madonna has sorta run out of material. She did have for a long time tho. Hope she gets some fresh ideas and music to mind control us w tho lol


Hmm, I'm a lifelong Madonna fan. Since early 1983. Have supported just about everything she has done. With this, she just jumped the shark :(


I agree that the post Confession era Madonna has been an embarrassment. MDNA had potential--Love Spent, Falling Free, Beautiful Killer, Gang Bang---all songs that we top notch, sadly the rest was derivative. The MDNA tour while having its moments and being fun overall, was a rehash of Blonde Ambition. I do have to say her vocal and performance of Behind the Bars was amazing and one of her best. The Grammys? That is best forgotten. The Miley duet? It actually wasn't that bad, at least Madonna sounded better than the Grammys and she seemed to be having fun. I'd love to see her put out a grown up album--you can still be "Madonna" but record work that is relevant and reflective of her place in life---Something to Remember, Ray of Light, Music, American Life, and Confessions on a Dance Floor all did that. I would love to see her work with Joe Henry, Donna Delory, Nikki Harris, Pat Lenord--people who brought out the best in her and pushed her a bit. If the next record is another "I'm a hip club kid" focus then I am skipping it. She has the voice, she has the songwriting skills, and she has the musicianship--she just needs to step it up a bit. Susannah Hoffs just put out an amazing record and she is a Madonna peer, as did Aimee Mann. Madonna work on the music, keep the fillers in a more moderate level--underdone is better than overdone, stop acting like your a teen, and maybe you can stop being a punchline.


"Her arrogance and condescending attitude towards her fans is both breathtaking and just plain nasty."

Very well said, Turner. So I guess there's a few more rational fans out there like you who actually know how to think.


This is so cringe. I couldn't even watch it a second time. All that grinding with Miley who's trying to hump her from behind is making me nauseous. This isn't a good performance and is more cringe than PSY coming on stage at MSG. More cringe than her Grammy performance where she looked so uncomfortable last week. I don't know what's going on, I just love Madonna.


I prefer Madonna alone.

But this is a fun performance.


@chris - more than happy to let M do her thing... as I no longer pay my bucks to her. The rot for me started with Hard Candy and S&S. Didn't bother the trash that was MDNA and certainly didn't even try to get $350 tickets for the MDNA Tour, especially for her to come on stage when she deigns to (aka can be @r$ed to).

Yup! More than happy for M to do her thing. She just can't expect her fans to pay for "her thing" any more without question, though. Her arrogance and condescending attitude towards her fans is both breathtaking and just plain nasty.

You want the bucks, lady? Then you gotta work for them with something all fans want (and your fan base is in serious decline as the album sales of late show).


Madonna you could perform with Jesus Christ and some ass out there will think it is bad. we are so fucking critical of everything she does. who the fuck cares, let her do what she wants. maybe a reason why we all sit behind a computer screen typing away and crying if we don't like something. and she is out there raking in even more fame and fortune. stop trying to be her life coach, if you didn't like it, fuck it, you didn't like it. don't you remember all of the collaborations she has done?? people hated when she collaborated on stage with Anthony Kiedis in 1993. lets relax and let her do her thing...just enjoy the ride. trust me it most likely is the most your getting out of life.

Ashley K. Edwards

@Peter This wasn't a live show; it was probably filmed prior to The Grammys.

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