Madonna & Macklemore’s Emotional Grammys Performance
Miley Cyrus & Madonna Performing...Together?


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I enjoyed Madonna's performance of 'Open Your Heart' & she looked nice in her "Music era" Cowgirl attire.

I must admit that Madonna really needs to change her look & certainly her hairstyle- whatever happened to the Queen Of Reinvention? IMHO Madonna's next hairstyle should be a cherry red bob.


She sang very well! Period! Loved it <3

Gilbert U.

@ jeffrey - I agree with your post. She just recovered from her injury and for all we know she may still be taking medication to ensure that it heals fully.

For those that are criticizing her singing, it's nothing new for Madonna to be a little nervous especially when performing at the Grammy's or Oscars; think of her "You Must Love Me" performance. She started out a little nervous and then ended that performance strong.

Everyone needs to remind themselves that Madonna has done it her way for 30+ years. Having said that, everyone can post their "opinions" on here as to what she should and should not do. But you'll fall in the same category as her "media critics" that she gives a rats a** about. Decade after decade Madonna does what she chooses to do and albeit she's done damn well.

Madonna, thank you for honoring your son David's request to dress up like him. I thought it looked cute and I enjoy seeing you attend/perform at these award shows. Long live the Queen of Pop!


So many good but more negative comments all around about Madonna. lets review this.

She was sweat to let her song dress her for red carpet in black 8pts.
She was sarcastic by dress in white like a Texan republican wife with a flat hair in other words she is saying fuck off to all republicans and crazy religious people.10pts.
Why the stick? well if you all don't know she is recovering from an injure.8pts
people complained about her voice being flat. Well is a soft one vocal level because is a weeding ! is not about her is all about the people who were getting married. 10pts

We all always expected Madonna being extravaganza ! well I love the performance of all of them.but this performance was about showing the 33 states in America that still holding peoples rights and show the world that we must change. after all is all about LOVE.



What a heartfelt and superb performance from everyone involved. I had tears in my eyes. To have the Queen of Pop sing at my wedding WOW! This is a woman who has championed gay rights from the very beginning and always supports the gay community. I stand up and applaud her with all the pride that I have. Bravo Madonna! Remember a couple weeks or so ago she hurt her ankle I believe hence the Cain. She didn't look uncomfortable just maybe in a little pain. No one has ever said she was the best singer. I do love her voice and think she sounded fine. Not as good as I have heard her before but certainly not as bad as some people have said. That being said my heart will always belong to Madonna because her heart has allways belonged to the gay community even well before it was the popular thing to do.


Agree with many of the comments. Yes, her voice is poor and her weaknesses as a singer were exposed but i think her heart was in the right place. However, i must agree with a few of you, expressing genuine concern about her appearance. The botox and god knows what else she's doing is making her look, as Turner said in a previous post, like a wax work of Faye Dunaway (not good) but she also looks weak, far too pale and a bit sickly. I think she needs to stop putting so much pressure on herself with diet and exercise as she'd look much better and healthier if she put on a little weight and got some sun as she's getting that fake Michael Jackson look- the make up artist needs fired.


Looks like some one has an agenda and who is funding this. MORE BRAINWASHING


I do agree that these days M looks tired, exhausted and pale. I so wished she'd reinvent herself and that includes a different hairstyle :-) She's had the same one for ages. Not something we are used to from her.


I thought she sounded fine. She did seem a bit nervous. But I do have to say, she's looked better. She stood out from everyone else, and not in a good way. As she's grown older, especially in her public appearances, she's beginning to look like Bette Davis. She needs to fire her make-up artist and have someone who can soften her look. She looked too hard at the show. She looks better in her Instagram photos.


Overall it was about the message SAME LOVE, gay, straight, black, white etc. M sang great!!!she can read me the bible and I would be mesmerize!!Love her never will stop loving her. That being said, I didn't like her outfit, sorry M!!!She said she did it for David which I thought it was sweet!!!


There was not much joy in her performance as this was about celebration and love.


Madonna becomes Cher, she looked terrible, what a singing :( This is to low for M we used to know.


Only one God one truth


I love the way they bring religion in to it


Not the strongest vocal from M, it must be said. It also seems to me that M is now a bit like Cher - an icon that sort of "gets wheeled out", yet has only historical significance in music now, albeit monumental significance. That said, at least she sang something other than Like A Prayer or La Isla Bonita for a change. Queen Latifah looked smoking hot!


Agree Tim. I think she was nervous which is somewhat out of character for her. She also looked the worst Ive ever seen her look on the red carpet or performance.

Its a good thing the overall performance was so moving, and even with her pitch problems the tone of her voice singing 'Open your heart' was enough to harken back to the original, and open the waterworks. I don't think I was alone on that. I didn't like the tempo of it, but it really didn't matter because it was all about the message of sharing LOVE that she has ALWAYS conveyed, and in that moment it shined through greater than anything she wore or how she looked. I love her forever, but she needs to get a lot more rest, get a little color in her cheeks (a little sun isn't going to kill her) and put on a little more weight for her health sake.


I thought she sounded Great!!


Remember the time when it was SO EXCITING to see Madonna at an awards show? Remember the energy? Remember that FACE! I remember...


She sounded awful and out of tune for a perfectionist that was bad M.


OMG!!! im still misty eyed! love Madonna


One of the most emotional and beautiful performance from every one. I like the middle version of Open your heart ! that was the perfect song for this performance.

in other web people is talking about Madonna weak voice ?? I don't get it that was an straight line vocal and I think she did it right, emotional and with so much love! congratulations to all the married couples !!


Madonna has a great voice as well as the girl dressed on red, i wish she had sang a new song,
the wedding gay is fair but it shows how the grammys and the music industry is lossing atention by the music itself, now try to call atention doing other things, but Madonna voice is perfect!


Madonna sang very well! I loved it :)


M was 'pitchy', if we are being kind...

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