Madonna recruits Katy Perry to curate #artforfreedom
Madonna and Timor dine out in Rotterdam


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@tracy; @Liz: since her divorce from Guy, Madonna has increasingly acted like a teenager - she really does think she is "down with the kids". IMHO, during her initial 'English Roses' phase, that was when M looked at - and acted - her best in recent years, I believe. I think of M as a lost soul: I can't see her wanting to be with a guy her own age. That would make her feel old/her age, and it is clear that M is pursuing the fountain of youth with increasing vigour.


I doubt there are that many available established men that would risk the same issues that ended her marriages. Although she does need to realize that being with a young man only accentuates her own age. :)


I really think Madonna should get a boyfriend nearer her own age--theyre not much older than Lourdes!!! don't get me wrong-she looks good,but I would not want my child dating someone older than me(which she probably is)no matter who they were!!30 years is a big age gap--& yes I know its just a number,blah blah,blah BUT I cant help thinking all these young men are just using her to further their own careers(I believe the last one is now a judge on a dance show!!!)no one had heard of him before he dated Madge!!I actually feel a little sad for her--I hope she doesn't just date 20 somethings to boost her own ego.shes funny,gorgeous & smart-as im sure are many 40+ men out there!xxxx

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