Madonna To Play Amnesty International Concert?
Madonna Confirmed For GRAMMYs Performance

Madonna's Instagram: #instagrammy

Madonna just posted two new pictures on her Instagram account hinting at her Grammy appearance (and performance) this weekend.

'It's official! I'm off my crutches and I'm looking for the perfect pair of heels to wear to the Grammys..........#instagrammy'

'My lips are almost sealed! I can't say anything more....................#itsasecret'


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@Mia: Thank you!! You've said exactly what's been on my mind for a while....!!


Aware!!!! please everyone is a little racist or flat out racist .... I think its funny.. how people pretend oh no not me!!! hahaha.... GO MADONNA!


"Drico" should have their hands paralyzed for typing race baiting filth. The moderator who doesn't stand up to it could use a lesson in responsibility too. So sick of this icon losing her way and the fans who not only enable it but now think racism is acceptable expression. The comments are so increasingly stupid and reveal such little knowledge of history, human struggle or self respect. As long as a pop diva acts out of order, silly queens approve of #datcracka. They'd be the first to cry over bullying, though. "Revolution of love" my ass.

LJ Smith

Cant she do what she wants with out us being judge and jury? At this point in her career and being at a certain age is pretty touchy, youth does not define culutre. If she can be crazy and out of bounds at times then so be it. I love her and a big azz fan. Thnx for the info. reason to watch Grammys now. exept for TSwift. i am trying.


Mia I seem to agree. First time in madonnas career I feel embarrassed. The grill just looks plain stupid. I think she thinks its more funny than cool, but to me it's stupid. As for the nigga comment, I think she may have been trying to be cool with the kids, and I don't believe for a second she's a racist, but to say that on a social media site makes no sense. When madonna pushed buttons and boundaries regarding sex and equal rights for people, when that grabbed headlines that made sense. She doesn't need attention, she can get it whenever she wants, she certainly shouldn't be grabbing attention for stupidity.

although we probably all love the balls she's had over the years, I think we mostly all love the music. I'll never understand, with such a captive audience, why madonna just focus on music music music. I'm thankful her career has extended this long, and new music comes around every 3-4 years, but I'd wish it was every year.


Take off the f**king grills please; the endless embarrassing attempt to cling to youth culture is making you look like a 'Sunset Boulevard' parody. No wonder Andrew Llyod Webber at one time envisaged a Boulevard' musical remake with you in the starring role. That was 10 years ago ....before the conveyor belt of toy boys and gangsta teeth accessories!


Madonna hope you yell out NIGGA! on stage!
I love you M.. back off haters~

phillip a bruno

Top pic looks like she is wearing the Don't Tell Me look


Me thinks she sings with Daft Punk, salut to Nile Rodgers, and mixes in a little Lucky Syar during Get Lucky.

Good a guess as any?!

Taylor Swift would be less obvious though!


I've been a big Madonna fan since the late 80's... but I don't understand anything she does anymore... I feel confused and sad... What is happening? Why is she doing all this? She's smart - she has good taste, she's brilliant and talented.. I wish she would stay away from the social media all together - Madonna belongs to the 'untouchable Gods' and should not be amongst us 'ordinary' mortals. But good news about the Grammys though! That's the stuff she should be posting on Instagram! Career related stuff only!

And I never really got the 'Revolution of Love' concept... What is it? I mean, I know what she's trying to say with it and the message of the concept... But... there's something missing in the ambition... but I can't put my finger on it... There's just something...weird going on.. I am concerned, worried... But i wish her all the best, always.

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