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Madonna styled by David and wears grills to piss people off

Madonna had a special date by her side on the Grammys red carpet: Her son David.

The duo even coordinated outfits for their mother-son outing: 'We're both working the Ralph Lauren angle,' Madonna told Ryan Seacrest on Live From the Red Carpet. Spring 2014 Collection, to be exact.

And Madonna had an equally special stylist for the event. Because it was also David!

'For this look, I followed his lead. He dressed me tonight,' the Material Girl revealed. 'He wanted me to dress like him, so I obeyed him.'

Madge accessorized the outfit with a cane (a result of a dance injury) and, of course, a grill.

'Yeah, I'm grillin'. It pisses everybody off when I wear my grill, so that's why I wear it,' she said, before explaining that she wears a grill 'when it matches my outfit. When I don't have to eat. Actually, I've learned to eat with my grill in.'

No grills for David though. 'She said she'd get me grills for this birthday,' he protested, before Madonna got all maternal and chimed in, 'I know, but we haven't had time. We have to go to the dentist to get a mold!'

From E! Online


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Madonna looks great! her grills are fun so what! people need to stop with this age crap ONLY in America. if she were a man he'd be rocking.. she is just living.. (my opinion)


Agree Michael


@Turner - You're spot on with the Faye Dunaway comparison. She is the double. As for the grills, i bloody hate them and think they're an embarrassing faux pas on her part. It's not ageist, it's simply common sense.


Agree with Michael. Also, M is starting to look scarily like Faye Dunaway.


She must not care she looks foolish wearing grills at her age. Maybe 1992 but not 2014. Sorry Madge.


@Michael: yep, totally agree!!

Her and David were the perfect "date".
Love their outfits too!!
However, that grill just so does not go together with the elegant, androgyn outfit. It's just 'degrading' her and the outfit too!


It doesn't piss me off that she wears the grill. It just looks stupid. I mean, really stupid. Especially, being that she's been around the block once or twice, so it's perplexing that Madonna would even entertain something so unflattering at this juncture. It gives her a creepy juvenile look.

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