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Madonna on crutches after high heel injury

Madonna has been spotted hobbling in pain, on crutches, into her Upper East Side townhouse after a trip to the posh ski resort of Gstaad.

Madge took a nasty fall on the slopes before she celebrated New Year’s at the glam villa of Valentino, along with her new boy toy Timor Steffens.

She and Steffens partied aboard a yacht in his hometown of Rotterdam last week.

Her rep told us, 'She bruised a bone in her foot from dancing in her high heels . . . she’ll be fine and off crutches in a week.'

From New York Post


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@tracy: I would be very surprised if they are the same person. T was a 'Stan' for sure! For T, anyone who even dared say anything other than glowing about M made them a 'hater'! LOL!


I did wonder if dknowles is actually T--they seem to have disappeared & appeared on this site at the same time ;) xx


dknowles - hit making? Her last album went to number one.

You just be a really bored person.


This is the beginning of the end, physically. No one can escape getting old and weak.

As for her artistic and hit-making prowess, well, that ended eons and eons ago.


Maybe while she's off her feet, she can work on an album.


A heel bruise from skiing alone I think would have had to be caused by landing on the heel from a height (or in poor equipment, presumably not in this case). But the repetitive trauma over a two week period of stress could have made her more vulnerable to a shoe injury.


Madonna clearly doesn't ski but I doubt she fell on the beginner slope or there would have been a photo of it as last year.


How can there be such a contradiction in such a short article??

First we are told it is a "nasty fall" on the slopes; then we are told she bruised a bone from dancing in high heels.

Which is it, then?

Presumably, she wasn't dancing in high heels whilst on the slopes...?


Gilbert U.

I like how the article states that "Madge took a nasty fall on the slopes" and her rep is quoted as saying, "'She bruised a bone in her foot from dancing in her high heels'". So was it the slopes or the dancing that caused the injury? Nonetheless, here's wishing you a speedy recovery, Madonna.

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