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Video: Macklemore & Lewis, Mary Lambert & Madonna

Madonna & Macklemore’s Emotional Grammys Performance

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis certainly pulled a winner out of the bag when they brought Madonna and Queen Latifah on stage to perform as 33 hetrosexual and same sex couples got married at the 2014 Grammy awards last night, and fans have flooded Twitter with mostly complimentary thoughts on the shocker.

During a performance of their critically-acclaimed single 'Same Love' which features Mary Lambert, hip-hop duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis were joined on stage by Queen Latifah who officiated the marriages of 33 couples as the rest of the star-studded audience looked on. Madonna was then introduced to the stage as she sang part of her hit 'Open Your Heart' before duetting with Lambert.

It seems there wasn't a dry at the Nokia Theatre or at home as the couples tied the knot on live television, and viewers flooded Twitter with some positive reactions to the emotional ceremony.

@arianaaa2 tweeted: 'The @macklemore and @Madonna same love performance/wedding ceremony was amazing #samelove #inspiring #GRAMMYs,' while @krisily gushed: 'Ok totally worth the wait 33 couples got married at the Grammy's by Queen Latifah and Macklemore & Madonna sang at their wedding! #SameLove.' Admitting to getting a little teary, @nerdixie commented: 'I cried at the part where the couples got married. I WANT MADONNA TO SING AT MY WEDDING TOO,' while @erickstheone said: 'Never been a fan of the song, but performance was amazing. Plus, who wouldn't love Madonna at your wedding??'

During the performance, Queen Latifah said: 'This song is not a love song for some of us but for all of us. I hope this is inspiration to all the rappers out there and hip hop artists out there that they can continue to tackle any subjects you want.'

Ryan Lewis' sister also got wed during the ceremony.

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Sheesh! I though Directioners, Beliebers and Little Monsters were pretty scary. Reading the posts here, Madonna has some of the scariest Stans I have ever come across. Maybe the new label should be MadFans?

Madonna preaches free speech, yet any difference of opinion here is shouted down.

Debate it. That's what ADULTS do.

Unless the MadFans are also prepubescents like the Directioners and Beliebers...?


Emi Ill say what I feel.. and what ??


@dknowles: a very awkward part was when Ryan Lewis had to come over and tap Queen Latifah on the arm to let her know M was about to appear on stage (and she was already doing so in the background)! Bad direction!


@drico - doesn't Madonna advocate free speech and voicing your opinions? Just because other people don't agree with your views (nor you with theirs), that does NOT make them wrong. Sheesh, Madonna and her 'Stans' - almost as bad as Gaga and her Little Monsters or 1D and the Directioners!


Madonna did a great job she looked great she rocked that suit and cane and hell no it did not make her look old...and sang her best! had it been someone else with your same name.... it would had been the shit right ? you just don't like her. I can tell its a personal attack go somewhere please!


@Tom: "pitchy" is, actually, an "Idol" polite way of saying out of tune. OK - I won't mince my words: M's vocals were flat, out of tune and laboured.


What's with this post-American Idol obsession with the term "pitchy"? Yes, it wasn't her best vocal but her heart was in the right place. I'm sure she's sounded worse


Gorgeous and sarcastic ! I love her what a nice way to shut up all the republicans and religious people, this is not about you. is about equals rights and respect. Madonna proved last night that her heart is with everyone who love and respect. REVOLUTION OF LOVE !!! we all are supporting Queen Madonna. what are you waiting for !


Good for the gay/lesbian community, but bad for Madonna and her fans. Her part was awkward and she was VERY uncomfortable on the stage. Not the mention she was off-key and pitchy. The outfit and the cane didn't help either -- they made her look as she really is: old. But on a serious note, she really looked sick and unwell.

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