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Madonna & Miley Team for Country-Themed Unplugged

Madonna duets with Miley Cyrus

Madonna has teamed up with the latest pretender to her throne by performing a duet with chart-topping star Miley Cyrus.

The pop duo shared a stage during a TV special on the younger singer's hits as she recorded an MTV Unplugged programme in the US.

Miley, the 21-year-old famed for her suggestive routines and twerking, played two songs with Madonna, 55, for the stripped-down session filmed in Hollywood.

They are said to have grinded and grabbed each other during their duet on Miley's We Can't Stop and Madonna's Don't Tell Me in the hour-long acoustic show.

Performing alongside Madonna has become something of a rite of passage or seal of approval for young female pop superstars, following shows in which she has collaborated with the likes of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and MIA.

Miley's show featured a number of songs from her latest album Bangerz, including Wrecking Ball, which featured a controversial video in which she appeared naked.

The performance is being screened in the US tonight (January 29) and will be broadcast in the UK at a later date.

From Associated Press Via Yahoo! News


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verity shut UP! ..go away!


@drico : yup! Reductive! Didn't Madonna take great delight in labelling GaGa thus? M has run out of ideaes, plain and simple. Maybe the next album will be GHV3...although thre won't be many HITS on it from M.D.N.A....!


Was a great performance! Madonna re her invents her cowgirl look, Miley looks like Madonna's 1986 papa don't preach video look! crazy cool!!


well based on the time you both posted. your comments make no sense ..did you even watch it? I thought it was good


cowgirl theme ??? i thought M dosen't repeat herself - its so 2000!!


M fans should be supportive!

phillip a bruno

I have to say, Madonna looks good in the pic re visiting her Don't Tell Me look.


And the downward spiral continues . . .


…aaaaaaand it looks/sounds as bad as I thought. Wow, just -- wow. :(


not sure if im really looking forward to this--or dreading it??? im hoping it will be fun--I do actually like miley-i think she gets a lot of stick--& for what??? being 20 & enjoying herself?? I shall reserve judgement till I see the performance--I think im looking forward to it ;) it could be great!! xxx

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