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Madonna Celebrates Daughter Mercy's Birthday

Madonna along with family and close friends, celebrated her daughter Mercy's 8th birthday on Saturday, Jan. 18, E! News can exclusively confirm. This sighting of the Material Girl came shortly after she apologized for using the racial slur accompanying an Instagram photo of her 13-year-old son, Rocco.

Madonna, her sons Rocco and David, her daughter Lourdes, a few adult supervisors, several nannies and about 15 of Mercy's friends enjoyed a private pizza party at Serafina restaurant in New York City.

'Mercy was clearly having a ball,' an eyewitness dished about the adorable 8-year-old. 'She was wearing a fancy little embellished dress with a white fur jacket. She and her friends were very giggly.'

The group feasted on a variety of pies and Madonna treated herself to the restaurant's signature Tartufo Nero pizza, which has potatoes, robiola cheese and black truffles. Sounds absolutely delicious!

After eating birthday cake, Mercy stood next to her mother while she opened her presents and held them up so that the whole group could see the goodies.

'Mercy and her friends were especially giddy towards the end,' the eyewitness added. 'While waiting in line for the restroom they could be heard singing Miley Cyrus' ‘Wrecking Ball' at the top of their lungs. It was actually supercute.'

After two hours, Madonna departed her daughter's party and the rest of the gang continued to revel in the festivities.

From E! Online


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'Mercy and her friends were especially giddy towards the end,' the eyewitness added.

I am sure they were giddy - they probably get carbs only once a year! :-D

Belated Happy Birthday, Mercy!! xx



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