Madonna apologises for racial slur
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Madonna's Full Statement: 'Forgive Me'

Madonna has released this statement on her Facebook page:

'I am sorry if I offended anyone with my use of the N word on Instagram. It was not meant as a racial slur. I am not a racist. There's no way to defend the use of the word. It was all about intention. It was used as a term of endearment toward my son who is white. I appreciate that it's a provocative word and I apologize if it gave people the wrong impression. Forgive me.'


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NIGGER! NIGGA !....what I said it... Hell white people invented the word!!only blacks can say it /???? haha
its all a double standard.. MADONNA don't be sorry... its not even a bad word no more!

okay lets move on.....
new album please...


@Holden Caulfied - hear, hear! 100% spot on! Great post.

Holden Caufield

I don't think anyone believes Madonna is racist. But she did make a mistake using that word. Contrary to all of you thinking that it can be used in a certain way is okay have absolutely no idea regarding the history of that word. That word should never be used by anyone. It is socially acceptable for black individuals to use that word, but they seldom use it in a non-disparaging way.
Madonna's problem is that she has surrounded herself with so many yes men like Guy Oseary that no one in her company or employ have enough nerve to tell her when she is mistaken or wrong. She has a false sense of authority to do what she wishes accompanying ignorance of the consequences. No matter how many black individuals she dates, employs, befriends, f*cks, adopts, etc. she will never know what it means to be black. She preaches kindness and compassion, and encourages others to make the world better but her vitriolic personality and surly words paint a different picture of her true nature. It is okay to be assertive and strong and be female, but she has no finesse and tact in how she deals with others.


@sean- I Totally agree with your sentiments on this one, in your well written post.

Robert King

Madonna saying sorry, is she feeling okay! She needs to practice what she preaches.

Gilbert U.

@ Sean - I couldn't agree with you more. Your post is very well worded and is one of the few on here that makes the most sense.

April Jess

@Liz, totally agree about "good social media judgment", it needs to be practiced.
I think it's part of the learning that comes along with celebrities, politicians, etc using social media to talk directly to their followers, without buffers in between us, and them.


OMG! Reading the irrational comments of irrational fans is kinda scary. Admiration is one thing, but throwing all sense of reason, sensibility and good judgment is just idiotic fanaticism.

And, yes, I'm talking about you, Dave, CTN and Toni.


A person of that stature shouldn't be promoting gangsta culture, which most blacks do not want to emulate in any way, even though she is clearly not a racist herself. Nothing more than common sense and good social media judgment.

April Jess

Madonna, a racist, I don't think so, take a look at the people she surrounds herself with (including two black children she adopted), she lives in a very diversified world, perhaps unlike some of us.
But, yes, it was stupid, and unknowingly insensitive of her for that posting.

@ Toni, there are a couple of posters on this site that are just looking for negative things to post. They don't want to see anything positive, and I doubt anyone can change them. When I see their names, I'm not reading the post, why give it more play!


Its funny how blacks can use the "nigga" word....but white people cant. Hypocritical?


If Madonna's racist, then Hitler was a campaigner for world peace! What a loada codswhallop - it's transparent that she is in no shape or form racist and yet is judged for a seeming misappropriation of language and words. What, however, is racist is the seeming inability of anyone other than those of black ethnicity to use the 'n' word - a word and term that many in the black community use freely and a word which no longer has the same connotations it once had. In the same way that the word 'queer' is no longer a homophobic slur if used in the right context, the 'n' word is equally not to be feared or restricted in usage to only people of black ethnicity. Have you listened to some rap music lately - why is it socially acceptable for certain black artists to refer to and use the 'n' word to describe themselves and others but not for others? This is political correctness gone mad but yet another example of how careful those in the public eye have to be to avoid the backlash. A silly move on her part and a somewhat embarrassing attempt to sound young and hip but indicitive of racism it is not!


If her account was hacked and it was actually Rocco who posted the two offending messages Madonna should have deleted the pics as soon as she found out. Or maybe she wanted to leave them up for context of the apology ? In any case I hope it is not an indication of the casual, jokey way she talks to her kids privately. :(


@ dknowles. you said madonna damaged her already damaged career. are you series? she has been and still is the best female artist ever. she outsells everyone and had the best and most successful tour ever. yes it was silly to say that but i dont believe she meant it that way. look at all the hard work she is doing in africa.


Dave: "Full-blown racist." I don't think so. But the incident has indeed FURTHER damaged her already-damaged career and reputation and FURTHER alienated many more fans. It's another bad career misstep. Madonna needs a reality check.


I didn't actually see the offending instagram piece--I saw one later of Rocco-telling people to get off her dick!!then later-the apology!! all have since been removed--including the apology!!we know shes not a racist--BUT very stupid of her in the first place.stop trying to be down with the kids Madonna--youre a smart lady(most of the time)xx


She apologized. I believe her. Let's move on.


I am sure people will start saying M is now a full blown racist. Sign her up to UKIP. Please.......

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