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Madonna's Full Statement: 'Forgive Me'

Madonna apologises for racial slur

Madonna has apologised for using a racial slur to refer to her white son on Instagram.

Last night, she posted a picture of her 13-year-old son Rocco boxing and used a hashtag that contained a variation of the n-word.

When fans objected, she defiantly called them haters, but in a statement today she was contrite, saying: 'Forgive me.'

Madonna said she is not a racist and did not mean to use the word as a slur but knows there is no way to defend its use. She said she used it as a term of endearment.

She said she apologises if it gave the wrong impression.

From Press Association Via Yahoo! News


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You GO Madonna!!!!! and Paula Deen


I love Madonna, always have, always will. Nonetheless she disappoints me. This is one of those fundamental "should know better" things - especially since she is the mother of two black children who I have no doubt she loves dearly. I'm glad she apologized and acknowledged there's no defending it. Still she's come across now as an entitled, rich, appropriating white lady. I know a lot of people think the N word is much ado about nothing, but this was a critical lapse of judgment on her part if nothing else.


I agree with both posters @Emmy and @Rob, with a lot of the points they riase.

I think one of the biggest issues/failings, is the way in which Madonna has launched herself into the world of social media, without really understanding it, how to manage it, or its implications. She wants to be "down with da kidz" or "too kool for skool" and makes faux pas - sometimes huge ones - as a result.


People know hate speech when they hear it. Eminem, for instance, drops the N-word in "Crack a Bottle," a song that went to #1. He's white. Jamie Foxx drops the N-word dozens of times in the chorus to "Golddigger" (it's the rhyme for the title of the song) and that song was at #1 for 10 weeks. I doubt Madonna was using the word with anything but affection, humor and irony. Those who get their panties in a twist over these things need to lighten up or move to Russia where speech is more strictly regulated. Madonna lives in an interracial home and has brought global attention to crises in Africa.


"When fans objected, she defiantly called them haters"

And that's M for you - shut down debate (as she can't actually debate anything). M has never been known for really liking her fans (or people in general) and now she simply shouts "hater" (or, embarrasingly, "enslaver"!) at anything she doesn't like/agree with. She is slowly but surely slipping into being an intolerant, unappealing old lady. You can maybe get away with all this nonsense in your 20s and 30s - as M did, in fact - but, increasingly, she is alienating people with her nastiness and downright spiteful comments.

I have admired Madonna for many years; now I just find her nasty and, from a current music perspective, largely irrelevant. And it saddens me to say that.

Bring on the haters...!

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