Madonna to introduce Pussy Riot at Amnesty concert
Miley Grinds On Madonna, Madonna Grinds Back


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@mark: if you're a Leftie Obama/Milliband lover, what makes you so much better than the Right Wing you despise? Why are Lefties so full of hatred? Because they lack intelligence? They always shut down debate, that's for sure! Rampant Liberalism and Socialism is destroying the West. Not sure whether Madonnalicious will have the guts to post this....!


This comment actually appears in the Comments Section under the article in the Daiyl Mail, and I genuienly think this is how more and more fans are feeling, given the comments now appearing on

"cassidy, Denver, United States, 6 days ago
So I'm supposed to respect her because she has wealth? Why? Millions of fans are waking and realizing that she 1. can't sing 2. was mostly all hyped by the media via becoming more sleazy 3. Can't act 4. Can't direct 5. has zero class. 6. Won't act with dignity and self worth. 7. Is exploiting all her children in social media. People are supposed to respect Madonna why? Because she exercises every day?"


I have just read some of the comments here. Why on earth are people posting these on a Madonna fan site? Go and spout your right wing Conservative nonsense at the Daily Mail


Please don't provide links to the daily mail! The newspaper that peddles hatred!


Its her pussy she can do what she wants with it!... fuck Guy Ritchie! regular people switch partners all the time. why cant Madonna do the same.. its life not embarrassing besides you and I do not know what she really is doing in front her children even if it all an act! let her be people!


Agree with Sean and Tracy!!!


I doubt they are more than friends since Jesus Luz was also along for the LA trip...


Wow. I don't believe that I have ever read such a sexist and ageist article before. Clearly the author of this wretched article does not like Madonna. Where are all the articles like this directed at men dating women half their age? That is accepted and the norm in our society but let a woman do the same and she is trying to recapture and hold on to her youth. What a joke. Again Madonna is going against convention. Did we think she would do anything less? She IS Madonna after all. It seems that so many people think she should be hidden away in some retirement home. Well all of those people are going to be disappointed because I don't see her ever doing that, nor should she. I won't ever tell you to stop!


Have to agree totally with @Sean and @tracy!


considering her people were denying this--he seems to be hanging round a bit.i do agree with some of what Sean says--these young men are only a few years older than her daughter!!! how would she feel if Lourdes was bringing home men in their late 40s!! im sure the lads moms don't approve either!! im not against people having sex & fun--but it does look a bit sad & desperate--& theyre absolutely using her too--no one had heard of the last guy-& now hes a judge on a dance show!!! im sure she could find a guy whos gorgeous,sexy,smart,funny & experienced-& a bit older if she really tried.xxxx


It's not sexist or ageist, it's simply embarrassing. The guy is far too young and moving from one young stud to another makes her look (whether it's true or not) like a sad, sex-mad and desperate slut clinging to youth by association. It wasn't that long ago that she was talking love about her 27 yr old French dancer. She was so in love with him, he's dumped and replaced with an even younger model in less than a month! It's pathetic and makes a mockery of their supposed relationship. I actually feel for these misguided young fools as it's very clear what she's using them for....and I'd say the same if she were a man and the genders were reversed. She moves from one replaceable stud to the next and the whole thing is sick. It's not love, it's sex and while the sex is clearly pleasing her inner-Dita, I don't think the revolving door of young sexual partners is a good example to set to her 4 children. I miss Guy Ritchie!

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