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Liz Smith: Madonna Fights Pain, Raises Cane for Same Love

Liz Smith has given her opinion on Madonna's appearance and performance at the Grammys last weekend, and the online backlash she received over taking her son David to the awards:

'If it was anything else, I might plead my foot, but I won’t miss this. It’s too important' - it’s about love!'
That’s what Madonna told members of her inner circle who were suggesting the star’s recent injury to her foot was too painful and 'too hobbling' for her to appear at the Grammys last Sunday night.
Silly inner circle! Don’t they know by now that as soon as you tell Madonna not to do, say, or wear something, she is going to do exactly the opposite. (Alas, somebody told her not wear that silly gold grill on her teeth, so she did. At least on the red carpet.)
In any case, though Madonna looked like she was paying homage to the Amish on the way into the Grammys, she pulled it out of the fire when she went onstage. Changed into a more flattering white suit, and steadying herself on a white cane, she joined multiple Grammy-winner Macklemore, along with Ryan Lewis, Mary Lambert, and Queen Latifah in a splendid rendition of 'Same Love.' (M melded her classic 'Open Your Heart' with the new song. And Latifah presided over 33 weddings, both straight and gay.) Madonna was in good voice and the entire number was beautifully conceived. If you weren’t impressed or moved, your hearts of stone must weigh you down!

By now, you probably know all this. What you don’t know is how much physical discomfort Madonna was in. And perhaps many of you are not aware of the beating M took on the social media - a lot of it was shockingly racist and directed at her son, David! (David looked adorable with his mom on the red carpet in a duplicate of Madonna's black pantsuit.)
Many of these online morons don’t seem to be aware that Madonna adopted David a number of years ago. She also has an adopted daughter, Mercy. And also the two children she has given birth to. But the level of ugly vitriol on poor David is stunning.
Unfortunately, M recently lit a fire under her critics by her misguided attempt to appear as if she were getting 'down with the kids' using the N-word as a 'term of endearment' towards her older son, Rocco, fathered by Guy Ritchie. She apologized. But her appearance at the Grammys with David compelled her haters to decry it as a 'PR stunt' to prove she isn’t racist. Please. Madonna is no racist. Her crime, if we can call it that, is she doesn’t censor herself and is often caught up in maintaining an image that needs some tweaking to maturity. And, like most adults, she should get off Twitter. (Nothing but trouble there, people.)
But so much more came pouring out - especially on the Yahoo! site - and that David was the target is pretty grim.

To read the rest of Liz's Grammy Awards column visit:


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Not sure how she could be hobbling on Sunday and dancing with Miley Cyrus two days later...but maybe we will find out tonight. :)


Sorry, Liz - M has ALWAYS put herself 'out there'. The difference is, there was a time when M was adored for doing that; not so the case much now. Whether she likes it or not, life in the public eye (and all the financial riches that can come with that) comes with a price. If M wants to live without the public expressing its views, she should have stayed in Michigan, married a steelworker and become a housewife. After all, isn't M all in favour of free speech...?


Very well put Liz

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