Beyonce 'Wanted to Follow in the Footsteps of Madonna'
Madonna jets to Switzerland after ‘SNL’


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Dumb. I can't believe she'd bother with something like this. Wasn't even funny; more-so embarrassing for all involved.


This was stupid. You'd think they'd utilize her in a much better way.


Justin is rediculous!


She looked really good. MADONNA GET TO WORK ON A NEW ALBUM PLEASE!!!!!!!


Boring. It seems like a last minute kinda thing, but whatever. Madonna looked good though. :)


Bored to read these very stupid comments each time Madonna makes something different.


I think that the lines she's delivering do not help her be very funny. Her attitude though is OK.


One of the most boring Madonna performances I have ever seen. Shame!!!


@F3R The best Madonna fans are the ones who are able to see beyond the idolatry. If Madonna did something bad, we will be able to recognize it and criticize it. Those who can't are the ones who end up being pathetic because they can't tell the difference between something good or bad, regardless of the artist. Not everything will be good; it can't be.


It was terrible, M becomes someone else.


I don't know what was up with this but the coffee talk sketches (circa 1992?) were hilarious.


Love her though I do that was painful - how can she be so good at her day job and so bad at skits every single time :(

Mad on You

She looked so nervous. It makes me nervous watching it because it's not a good part for her.I think Timberlake and Fallon did well despite the bad material because they were in character and it was about them. It didn't lend itself for anyone else to contribute anything important because they would have been washed out by the other two. I put it to poor script and poor dynamics in characters. Cut her some slack!


God she looked bored.....was that meant to be funny?? Why on earth did she agree to that?? Is Guy Oseary still managing her? If he is I can probably understand he'd make her do something so dreadful!!
Kind of ironic for someone that doesn't apparently watch TV, she's on this show....a little bit more research from her and I'm sure she would have avoided this sketch like the plague!

Fabian Starr

Please, Madonna need not bore us with trite dialogue she is an actress and she communicates with her eyes and body language...she totally owned this skit and people in the audience agreed...


I agree with Mike. I think Madonna wanted to say something important (and she did), but it didn't "fit" with the overall atmosphere of the sketch. Also, that teeth stuff need to stop.


Oh MY GOD! I don´t really know if people who write in this site are really fan of Madonna. If you don´t like what she´s done go away pathetic!

April Jess

She gets up at the end to take the
"Buttstagram " she posted


She should have stayed pumped up and a little more on track even though quite obviously bored with the stupidity of the material.


AND she was terrible. Can anyone actually say that was anything other than a failure on her part to look hip? The "joke" and the "teeth" fell flat and looked pathetic.

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