This week in Michigan history: 'Like a Virgin' tops charts
Beyonce 'Wanted to Follow in the Footsteps of Madonna'


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Hey! F3R! Should we call you 'Stan'? By the way, you post makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER!


yes, tracy, ¨pointless¨ is your comment. If you don´t like it go away! Everybody who don´t like what Madonna does, says or wears... go away, don´t follow her!!! I´ve always loved her in good and bad times since 1986 and I still think she´s really great!
I can't stand people who live to criticize and there is no penis that come you well!
criticize it is habit of people who don't have a life, why do not buy one?
I LOVE YOU MADONNA FOREVER AND ALWAYS!!! GO AHEAD!!! Come to Argentina we love you so much!



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