Madonna's Instagram: #worldAIDSday
Madonna Joins Forces With Elizabeth Taylor Charity


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Of course she looks good. She has had loads of 'help'. As tracy has posted, it is good to finally see her hands without the stupid leather or lace gloves on them. Yes, they give away her age, but no woman has completely wrinkle-free skin at 55 without some kind of 'help'!


its nice to see her hands ;) xx


Of course she looks good; she wouldn't have posted it otherwise. This is the lady who demanded she be filmed in flattering lighting even way back in her 'In bed with Madonna' prime when she had no wrinkles to hide! She looks fab but I'm sure it's not a wholly accurate portrait. Not a criticism as we all do it!


Great picture!! Love it!!


She looks great!

waleed alawadhi

WOW. look how stunning she is , lucky prime minister

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