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Cumberbatch: Name impressed Madonna

Madonna was impressed by Benedict Cumberbatch's 'weird name' when they met.

The British actor has recalled being introduced to the music superstar for the first time. He claims Madonna found his moniker rather amusing.

'She said, 'You’re the one with the strange name.' I said, 'Yes, I am, Madonna,'' Benedict laughed to the latest British edition of GQ magazine.

The 37-year-old star also discussed his love life in the interview. Despite recently being voted the world's sexiest actor, Benedict is currently single. He admits that having a successful Hollywood career has changed the way women treat him.

'It is harder [meeting women], because people think they know more about you than they actually do,' he explained. 'And you can’t control can’t control perceptions of you..

Benedict has developed a reputation for being posh because he is so well spoken and has an unusual name. He wishes people would look past the surface and realise he is a down-to-earth guy.

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Maybe in your little narrow world, Moly. Cumberbatch has a hihgly impressive filmography and theatre track record. He has also been nominated for - and won - a number of awards, both international UK.

It is more likely to be you that nobody knows...!


Nobody knows him.

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