Sean Penn: Madonna in Haiti to see his aid work
'Into the Groove' from 'Glee'

Madonna Visits J/P Haitian Relief Organization In Haiti

J/P Haitian Relief Organization, along with founder and CEO, Sean Penn, welcomed Madonna and her son, Rocco, to the J/P HRO-managed Petionville Camp in Port-au-Prince, Haiti earlier this week where she witnessed firsthand J/P HRO's progress in the Haiti reconstruction effort. During their visit, Madonna toured the J/P HRO camp, where there are now less than 2,000 residents in the once tent-city of 60,000 internally displaced citizens, and met with senior program managers, visited its medical facilities, community center and engineering projects and spent time at a J/P affiliated school to connect with students. She also took a tour of the site of the national palace, which J/P HRO cleared last year, and then visited the slums of Cite Soleil.

Through Instagram, Madonna engaged fans in her experience in Haiti, posting photos of the country's inspiring children and various locales such as the beach of Ile-a-Vache, an island off the southwestern peninsula of Haiti. She encouraged fans to support J/P HRO programs which provide health care, education, construction and the safe return to permanent housing for displaced earthquake survivors residing in the Petionville Camp. This week, Penn launched his own Instagram to raise awareness of J/P's continuing efforts in Haiti:

'The progress that has been made in Haiti is extraordinary, but it's clear there is so much more to be done,' said Madonna. 'I'm very inspired by J/P HRO's dedication and long-term commitment to the families and children of Haiti. What Sean and his organization have done is truly remarkable. They are paving the way to a brighter future for thousands of people. It's vital that the world stays on course with the reconstruction of Haiti.'

'I was very proud to introduce Madonna and her son to the work we are doing in Haiti,' said Sean Penn. 'It is my hope that more people will visit Haiti and see for themselves the beauty, spirit and potential of this great country.'

Madonna's Ray of Light Foundation is expected to join forces with J/P HRO on their continuing support for the citizens of Haiti. Details will be announced at a later date.

To read highlights of J/P HRO's key achievements click here.



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I'm glad their spiritual paths have led them back together.


I wish Madonna would allow her compassion & kindness to inform her song writing & music.

Pablo Cancino

I think they are better friends know, both are learning from this experience, i hope they will be always together in this mission to rescue this world and both can help each other. Incredible how Madonna is surrended by light in this photo.


Keep up the great work, Madonna. The world needs you!


Beautiful picture!! I really love them, it could be great if they get back as a couple. Their work is amazing!

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