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Madonna Speaks Out Against Russia's Anti-Gay Laws

Madonna, Jonah Hill and Kristen Bell are the latest celebs speaking out against Russia's anti-gay laws ahead of the upcoming 2014 Olympics in Sochi.

All three of the stars recently took to their social media accounts to share pictures of themselves wearing the Human Rights Campaign's $28 T-shirts that feature the phrase 'Love Conquers Hate' in Russian.

'Love conquers Hate!' Madonna captioned her shot on Instagram. '@HumanRightsCampaign. Russia and the Olympics need to get there act together for the Sochi 2014...... Discrimination will not be tolerated!'

In Hill's Twitter pic, he flashes a giant smile while sporting the "Love Conquers Hate" campaign shirt. 'Help us show Russia & the world that #LoveConquersHate,' he wrote. 'Visit http://loveconquershate.org and @HRC to see how you can help.'

Meanwhile, Bell, an outspoken celeb supporter of LGBT rights, shared a close-up pic of herself wearing the tee, writing, 'For real: Tell Russia & the @Olympics that #LoveConquersHate. Join @HRC and share your pic. #Sochi14.'

HRC's campaign has recently been getting lots of star power help in urging the International Olympic Committee to condemn Russia's anti-gay laws. Other stars who've reportedly donned the 'Love Conquers Hate' shirt include Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Bacon, Wentworth Miller, Fergie, Kelly Osbourne, Tim Gunn, Andy Cohen, Andrew Rannells, Ricky Martin and Jason Collins.

From E! Online


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Theresa Williams-Young

There are many people whom have absolutely NO idea concerning what Madonna stands for. I used to think that every one of her songs touched my life, and they actually did. But as I continue to watch her, I am now myself wondering what she stands for. She never had to say" fuck" anything or one on stage, her actions always said enough. Who is she and more importantly, who is she trying to impress now


@Mark: Yes, I can see where that does make sense also. Unfortunately, there is no way around the paying of taxes...but it is still better for the gym to be seen...out in the open and have a presence of what Madonna stands for. I think she should hold a huge "Art For Freedom" screening at the gym and invite the press and media there as well. That would stir the pot big time.


Agree with Tracy and Mark! Don't pay taxes to assist a corrupt Government, Madonna!


I fully support Seadonna's comments. Madonna has never stop a second during all her carreer to support the Gays. In this framework, the other comment is really unacceptable.


@Seadonna: I'm with Tracy. The gym should close because it will be paying taxes to this oppressive, corrupt and hate-filled Russian Government! M should NOT be involved with a venture in that country where income is being generated to support the hate she alleges she detests.


Why would she close down Hard Candy in Moscow??...Russian government is anti-gay and maybe a huge part of the population. Gay people are real obviously and do exist in Russia. Why should the ones who support and love Madonna have to suffer by the closing of the gym. I am pretty sure people that attend Hard Candy in Moscow know Madonna is apart of it and they are probably open minded customers that support her. Come on people look at the bigger picture...I am sure Madonna will live if the gym is either closed or open. What will be the real kicker is if people started vandalizing the gym because Madonna is in support of the gay population there.


Gonna close down the Hard Candy gym in Moscow, then, M? Nah. Thought not. An armchair 'protestor' who loves her Dollars/Roubles too much.


Nice t-shirt, I want one!


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