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Madonna Hangs Out With Chance The Rapper

These last twelve months have been monumental for Chance The Rapper. After releasing his breakout project, Acid Rap, Chano has been arguably the hottest up and coming artist out. He’s done everything from magazine covers, touring with Eminem and Kendrick Lamar to now hanging out with Madonna.

Last night, Chance’s 'Social Experiment Tour' made a stop in Los Angeles where Madonna decided to check out the young Chicagoan’s show. Chance took to his Instagram account today with a picture of he and Madonna and the caption:

'Madonna showed up after my show in LA last night. What an eccentric and unique girl'.

Fan or not, Chano is getting some crazy good looks.



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I agree PLEASE MADONNA NO RAP..on next Album. Its great you have love for many artist... but no featuring MC'S or ghettoness ...that crap is way over.


Daniel, Will and Lou etc. don't worry. I think she won't again. She's bored of them. You can tell that from her facial expression: she's about to fall asleep


How much do I miss the old Madonna!!! The one I grew up with... She might have been bitchy and ruthless but at least she was true to herself. Now she hangs around with this ghetto wannabes..what sort of inspiration can she get from people like these? Rant over...


I hope this is not someone she's going to collaborate with. I am sooo tired of Madonna featuring rappers, male or female.


OH, GOD! Please tell me M isn't planning on a rap album! You know, "borrowing" ideas from other artistes/genres... ;-)

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