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Gaga was 'floored' by Madonna performance

Lady Gaga has revealed that she was moved by Madonna covering her song Born This Way on her MDNA world tour.

Madonna performed a mash-up of Gaga's Born This Way and her own hit Express Yourself on her tour and Gaga told Attitude magazine that it meant so much to her.

'I have to be really honest, I was completely kind of floored that Madonna was singing my song on her stage every night. I'm certainly not thinking about anybody but me and my fans when I'm on stage. The fact that I was on her mind at all. I mean, Madonna's...she's Madonna.'

She continued, 'I looked up to her for a long time. I'm not quite sure what her intention was, to do that in the show, but I don't really care. I think playing into the gossip of the tabloids and, I guess the fodder of the competition, that's just not what I'm about.'

Gaga was criticised by many when she released the hit single in 2011 with people claiming it was too similar to Madonna's Express Yourself.

The Applause hitmaker added: She chooses to use her voice the way she chooses to use hers and I choose to use mine the way I use mine. All it meant to me was that Madonna Ciccone was singing my song on her stage and I'm 27! And as a punk-rocker from New York, I've basically been hoping that I would become so good that one day I would piss off Madonna.'

From RTE News


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"DATEDEUROTRASH would have been a much more fitting title for ARTFLOP.

Posted by: Light"

You mean 'flop' for the album that has entered the UK charts at #1 this week? (Dreadful album, though!)


I'm over this crap.. Gaga is only starting crap cause she needs press. And NO Madonna can not be upset or threatened by this ugly women and her nasty followers.. Gaga is the one must be mad she knows she is fading out even.if her Album does well good for her.. doesn't make her better just lucky ! her sales are showing lack of interest so Picking on Madonna is a desperate move and mad at her own failures that US media was paid to cover up Hello BTWBT low ticket sales gave many for free low ticket sales = fake and injury hahaha... Gaga is also mad that Miley Cyrus brought the house down made it all about her NOW! Another Madonna wannabee. I really don't think its gaga fans that post nasty commentsI think its her team that stirs crap up .....soon they may be out of work.


Lady Crapga really is BEYOND DELUDED if she thinks she's a) a punk rocker and b) has pissed Madonna off. DATEDEUROTRASH would have been a much more fitting title for ARTFLOP.


I dont care that madonna dont like me- gaga told howerd stern
Clearly u do dear, has its all u talk about
Going to madonna on google news is just like going to gaga
The news articles are the same
I have no view good or bad on artpop- has it doesnt matter to me
For the love of god will this ever end
Again I read " want new ray of light" I say been there done that

eli lee

there's nothing "punk rock" about either of these pop singers, tbqh. that being said - pitching people against each other is pretty low, as is placing unrealistic expectations on the people beneath the product.


Qapplause, applause for .....1313, who else?!


Gaga's Response Was Definitely A Kiss/Slap! Madonna has nothing to worry about regarding Gaga- Lady G's new album 'Artpop' is a Dreadful, Over Produced, Electronic Mess! Madonna makes Melodic Music. Madonna has more than one hit album to her name! I still L.U.V. Madonna.

Emma Frost


Get off this site you M pathetic hater. Also Artpop is doing terribly both critically and financially. Not to mention it is early in her career and she is peaking.


@Zak: I agree totally - 'Artpop' is an unmitigated disaster. I never thought I would say this, but it is even worse than the dire 'MDNA'. I loved 'The Fame/Fame Monster' and 'Born This Way', but I think 'Artpop' will almost certainly put GaGa into the pop wilderness for a few years.


Shut up already! Am I the only person bored to death with this endlessly repetitive and infantile Madonna v Gaga nonsense? Like, who gives a damn? it's going to turn into a pastiche of 'Whatever happened to baby Jane?' at this rate and I don't know about you but I'd rather the lady M didn't turn into a grotesque version of Mae West! Give over please: they're both very talented and both have ripped off other artists' work to their own advantage. Both have released amazing songs and albums and both have released duds. There are more important things happening in the world to obsess about so do yourselves a favour and give this reductive saga a rest!


Wow! Madonna fans are so threatened by Lady Gaga. But rightly so. Gaga has already killed Madonna's career the moment she appeared on the scene . . . and will continue to do so. . . . So be afraid, be VERY afraid.


@ Zak: You said it sooo well! Love your comments!! Initially I really liked Gaga but as soon as the constant copying became apparent, it massively pissed me off and I couldn't bear the nonsense anymore. Without being biased "Artpop" is just an average album with massively uninspiring and unoriginal songs.

Thomas Gruber

This article is interesting because I thought Madonna's intention in singing Gaga's song during her concert was pretty obvious. I saw the MDNA concert here in Seattle & Madonna performed a portion of "Born This Way" during the "Express Yourself" song which was probably a jab at the two songs supposedly being similar. (Which I have never gotten really because besides the empowerment theme the two songs share, to me they don't sound that incredibly similar.) At any rate, to drive home the point even further, Madonna sings out loud "She's not me!" after the song. This of course is a portion of the "Hard Candy" song "She's Not Me" that describes her never really being replaceable as a lover but in this particular case as a music icon. When I saw this during the concert I thought that's interesting that Gaga would allow Madonna use of her copyrighted song when it's basically being used against her in an unflattering way. Maybe Gaga was misled about how the song was going to be used in the concert, or she's truly clueless about Madonna's intention even now, or perhaps this whole "feud" is manufactured between the two of them.


I don't know if anyone on here has heard Artpop yet but it's truly terrible ! I mean really bad and her X factor performance also cringe and look away from the screen moment nothing against gaga at all but she has proven to be a one album artist (which is a great album) but there have been so many madonnabes over the years (all press created) you can create a greatest hits album out of them all and yes something has changed since the release of MDNA which I'm not quite comfortable with and hope that the next album is more in line with Ray of light a mature sound from a woman who has had a mass of experience all that said there is no comparison in Gaga or Madonna people should be comparing Gaga with Gwen stefani. God I really hope the next album is a triumph.


Glad to read and see that people are seeing how un-genuine gaga is. She spent the early part of her carreer drawing from everything visually madonna did in the 90's and even wrote a song that sounds just like a Madonna number one hit- and now that asshole has the audacity to try and spin doctor ah "wow i had no idea i was on madonnas mind" approach. Madonnas a business woman and she knows how to work controversy. I'm positive she didn't use the song to piss off Gaga- she doesn't think about you she thinks about a good show for fans. Also, for her to release the song on her DVD she would have had to obtained the rights to the song through gagas people. SO FUCK YOU GAGA


Please, Madonna was an authentic New York punk rocker in the Manhattan post punk days circa late 70s/early 80's and truly was a starving artist. Gaga, on the other hand, came from a well to do Manhattan family and went to private schools. Why claim to be inspired by somebody than be in delight over pissing your idol off? Hypocrite. And to the above comment. The MDNA tour was not lazy and boring, but the Born This Way Ball was. Madonna does not need to worry about having any more number ones. She has made history time and time over and has her long share of number ones. Artpop will flop. She has already made the same mistake as Born This Way..the singles are rushed and released dying out before the album release date. So "Fashion" sounds like "Holiday"...big surprise yet another Madonnna-esque moment in Gaga's half decade (and already going too long) history.


dknowles - yeah just remember your write up and check the charts to see if it does make number one, because all her singles from artpop haven't charted well.


Jeez, so bored of this Gaga nonsense!!!!


dknowles- Go somewhere else and talk your crap. Gaga can be the best Gaga ever but there is only one Madonna and that will never Express Yourself, ITS BEEN DONE!


I think this reaction by Lady Gaga is very sassy and smart, just like Madonna used to be back in the day. I am a major Madonna fan, Ray of Light is one of my favorite records ever and I still play many of her songs regularly....but let's be honest: it was insanely childish of Madonna to use this song of Lady Gaga to get some press for her tour. It's sad that she needs that kind of silly things to get some press.

Lady Gaga's comments are so tongue-in-cheek and sarcastic, you're plain dumb if you don't see that..... To me, being a lifelong Madonna fan, it's Lady Gaga who's the bigger person in all this....I still think Madonna is the single best female pop artist ever, so fellow Madonna fans: don't hate me.


Madonna is all gaga talks about


What a sad creature gaga has become


Lady Gaga wonders what Madonna's intention was performing a mash-up of Express Yourself and Born This Way? Really? I thought it was abundantly clear -- she publicly called her out for ripping off her hit and then denying that the similarities were anything other than coincidental. The white and red cheerleading outfit mirrored Gaga's outfit in the "Alejandro" video, which sampled from the "Express Yourself" "Vogue" and "Erotica" videos. Note that Gaga did not sue Madonna for performing "Born This Way" -- she must not want to open that can of worms. I don't think Madonna was pissed off that Gaga was "so good" either. I think she was riled that Gaga stole her look, video concepts and song. And not just any song, but a frigging song about EXPRESSING YOURSELF, not someone else.


GaGa is a JOKE.


Gaga has definitely achieved what you had hoped for -- Ciccone is definitely pissed. Gaga is THE one pop queen that Madonna is definitely threatened by. It's so obvious.

ARTPOP will definitely piss the old lady again. The song "Fashion" sounds very much like "Holiday." Not to mention that it will be another No. 1 smash for Gaga--No.1 being a foreign and unattainable territory for Madonna.

Anyhoo, ARTPOP will be another nail in Madonna's coffin. This is what happens when old pop divas become too confident, lazy and boring: your crown gets taken away from you.

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