Win an audition slot for Madonna's Hard Candy class
German Magazines: 'Bunte'


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lol@people who think dknowles is a madonna fan.

and a big LOL@those who think she has lost her creativity.

Wow. Another post full of negative comments. Every one I open: negative comments.

What a shock!

Oh and dknowles, you do know that Madonna's half-time show at the superbowl just 2 years ago was watched by more people then the more 'popular' Beyonce, right? hehehe...



@get the picture: Did I mention adopting the kids? No. But do feel free to twist a post/insert what wasn't even there to suit your argument.

(As an aside, also remember that M was desperate to have another child with Guy, but couldn't. This, I believe, was the original root of the adoption...)

get the picture?


ok, rant what U will, U said it in your last sentence. :)

but PR? com'on get real, how cynical can one be! so U would adopt 2 kids for PR. really?
& i forever applaud Her for it.
Rfight on, M!


@Seadonna @Django: what the hell are you two on about? Making some stupid art documentary is hardly fighting! Madonna is plastic in everything she does: posting badly-written "controversial" notes on Instagram does not make you some kind of warrior. Even with the Raising Malawi project, Madonna expected her fans to donate rather than pay it out of her own pocket: in other words, it wasn't that humanitarian, was it, given the BILLION she is worth and not just doing something quietly for the general good. It is people like Sandra Bullock who do heaps for charity and you only ever hear about it in passing. No, for Madonna - like a lot of celebs - charity and 'causes' are little more than bandwagons to be jumped upon as a PR opportunity.


@dknowles: agree. She has definitely lost her way and her enthusiasm (and creativity?). However, I'm sure she would jump at the chance of endorsing a new range of envelopes or kitchen utensils. Madonna is, it would seem, now all about maximum profit for absolute minimum effort.


It's not Madonna who has become boring, it's most of the fans that are becoming or simply ARE shallow. Why not stand/fight for a real artistic humanitarian cause?? Too busy with Miley Cirus and Lady Gagas of life? WTF?


^^Wake the hell up man!! What are you doing to help the world or people in general?? If you were a true Madonna fan you would stand behind her and support what she's trying to do. "Boring??" You still don't get it!!.....SMH!!


Next. This secretproject thing is so boring. Madonna has become so boring.

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