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Tracy I think you've hit on a new area for Madonna's next video.... in this dress and glasses she would look great as a welder. Kind of Express Yourself revisited but this time she's the worker, the cog in the machine, the beauty in the belly of the mechanical beast, the glamour in the puss, the undercover boss on the shop floor, substituting the factory grease for the greasepaint... I can see the flickers of sparks reflecting in her glasses now while she's addicted to a different kind of sweaty work-out :)


I like this dress. Nowhere for car keys, or a tissue :)


STARVE the troll


@T - no, you are wrong. A troll tries to stir up trouble. That does not necessarily come through negative comments. It can come from people like you who slam anyone who even dares to do anything other than kiss M's butt and every move.


Probably a hair removal system.


a troll is someone who goes onto fan sites and posts negative comment after negative comments about the person they claim to be a 'fan' of.

I call out 'fans' who post 99% negative stuff, then after the diss add: life-long fan!

it's obvious and annoying.

do i like everything she does? of course not, but im not going to go on her fan site and post negative after negative.

not interested in the projects a person is doing currently? then come back when they do something you like and allow fans of the current stuff to enjoy it instead of having to come read negative comment after negative comment from the same 3 people.



the Troll is back



she was the top story on the View the other day for texting haha

Everybody still talks about Madonna.



Is that a defibrillator in the background?


I see these pictures as another layer to herself. These pictures are not about her career and business empire, they are about connecting with the fans and giving more of herself and using current technology.

I applaud her for these untouched shots of herself. I think we should be thankful. (I just wish she would start her concerts on time and all would be right between me and her!)


@dknowles: only a matter of time before she loses interest in Instagram, as she did with Twitter. M loses interest in many things in her life very quickly, including music at the moment it would seem. Anyone heard anything of Jesus Luz recently, btw?


So this is how and where Madonna's "career" has gone and amounted to: self-posting nonsensical pictures on Instagram. Media doesn't cover her anymore. Sad.

Fabian Starr

Still the coolest woman on the planet in a bathroom or a stupid ass movie theater...


I have never had such little interest in what Madonna is currently doing. Shame...where's the creativity gone..?


Does Madonna live in her bathroom? Is she planning on doing a bit of welding in it?

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