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Madonna Slams 'Enslaver' After She's Chided for Texting

Madonna was feisty at the New York Film Festival premiere of Steve McQueen’s acclaimed '12 Years a Slave.'

A spy said that as the movie began, 'a blonde in black lace gloves wouldn’t stop texting,' seated in a row with Jason Ritter, J. Alexander and Michael K. Williams.

Finally, an audience member asked the blonde to stop, and the gloved one shot back: 'It’s for business . . . enslaver!' During a roaring standing ovation, the blonde ducked out, and, 'Sure enough, in black lace gloves, was Madonna!'

But it seems that the Material Girl was a fan of the film. Another spy said that as the credits rolled and she tried to swiftly make a dash from the theater, Madonna heard director McQueen’s voice as he began a Q&A. She was overheard saying, '‘I want to hear Steve speak,’ then rushed back in for the Q&A,' the source said.

From New York Post / Page Six


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Any letter of the alphabet you choose, except T

"Wow@anyone who thinks her career is declining.

She has gained over 1 million facebook likes just in the last month since her 'film' was released.

Gullible people much?

My God."

T: so you've never heard of how Facebook and Twitter is professionally manipulated? How stars PAY to have these social media manipulated?

Gullible T much?

My God.

Get over yourself, T, and the way you knock everyone else down if you don't agree with their comments.

Actually, I am beginnign to think that you actaully *are* M posting here...! LOL



I see the same negative comments by the same people over and over are still here.

I callz it likez I seez it, jeffrey ;)


I see the Troll is back


Her arrogance and narcissism are really off-putting and unattractive. Not really all about the love. Give it up Madonna... You're all about yourself, your needs, your persona... Yawn. I've got one word for you so-called revolution: Malala. She actually took a bullet for her beliefs...and kept her pants on. Take a lesson.




BUSTED!! Queen of Pop or annoying teenager, I can't stand texters during a movie haha! Shows even Madonna is human after all :)


Wow@anyone who thinks her career is declining.

She has gained over 1 million facebook likes just in the last month since her 'film' was released.

As if she would turn around and call someone an 'enslaver' at a movie about slavery.

Gullible people much?

My God.


@ Lee
pretty damn funny


"I absolutely loathe hydrangeas ... enslaver!"


amazed you lot are so accepting of this article, its from the New York Post, Page Six no less!


I like how people are acting like this is earth shattering. I'm far more concerned when I see MANY people, not just celebrities, texting and driving.


The only behavior we know for sure was that she was crying. Perhaps texting was a diversion or attempt at self control from what would have been an even greater embarrassment ? Not trying to explain, just to understand.


@ Peter: I'm even more shocked she actually knew the word 'enslaver'! Presumably it features in the movie some place! LOL


Madonna is clearly losing many fans from her already diminishing fan base. Many people I know who have loved M since the outset have simply lost interest. It is that toxic combination of lacklustre (poor) music, a lack of creativity, an apparent loss of interest by M in what she is doing now, and her attitude towards fans, etc., which - let's be honest - is plain rude and sucks!


The most embarrassing things about this -- if it is even true -- is not that Madonna was texting during a movie, but that she compared being asked not to text during a movie to being enslaved.


I think Madonna is very rude, texting 24/7 during a film is pathetic even though it is for business! Any point her being there!!!

Michael J. Hildebrand

I adore Madonna, but I can't defend her actions here. I HATE the constant, rude texting, especially in social situations like being in a theatre for a play or film.


a "spy" said? come on.... please


Note to Madonna: you are ever rapidly turning into one of the 'haters' and 'bullies' you decry at every (PR) opportunity. We all know that good manners and civility have never been your forte but, the older you get, the ruder you get. Rude people invariably end up sad and lonely. From a lifelong fan.


I have to agree-when im at the cinema--it drives me INSANE when people have constantly got their mobiles out--they light up people!!!they irritate everyone & its just bloody good manners not to keep getting them out during a movie!!!!!if business is that important--conduct it elsewhere!!!the world will not end if that text isn't answered that very second!!! enjoy the freedom of switching the thing off for 2 hours---its very liberating!!!! rant over!!!! ;) xx


I am sad to say my love affair with madonna may be coming to an end. She preaches tolerance and love of one another, yet she seems to do the opposite. Ever since her divorce she seems to have a very bitter side and a contemptuous side towards her fans. We are the ones who have made her what she is by supporting her with buying her albums, concert tickets and merchandise. That may be coming to and end for me, just sayin...


Madonna of all people should know better...than text during a movie... She got served.

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