Madonna's Instagram: 'Are you willing to fight?'
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LIZ SMITH: On Being Daring....

Liz Smith has published her latest column at and talks about Madonna's interview in Harpers Bazaar:

Madonna is the cover girl on Harper's Bazaar's 'The Daring Issue.' Well, of course she is. I used to hope that at a certain point Madonna would go all Dietrich on us. Stand in a misty spotlight in a glamorous, glittery gown, and sing some of her truly lovely ballads. (In the end, I think it will be her ballads, rather than her dance music, that will define her for future generations.)

But this is not going to happen! And I suppose, certainly for Madonna, that’s a good thing. Calming down would be like a little death for her. She has to be active, brassy and bold - creative. (Even if we’re not quite sure what she’s creating!) And while she can be hurt by words, she doesn’t dwell on those who don’t approve.

She tells the magazine this, and I think it truly is Madonna’s mantra for existing: 'If I can’t be daring in my work or the way I live my life, then I don’t really see the point of being on this planet.'


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Madonna showed more artistic maturity in her 30's than she does now in her mid-50's.


Yes! Her ballads will define her!


Love Liz! But Madonna, darling: you haven't been daring for well over a decade now!


Even Liz realizes that Madonna not doing ballads is bad for her career. Time to admit you're not 25 anymore and stop playing with the wannabe kid singers.


Gotta love Liz. She's great. I'm glad she's still working! Peace and blessings Liz

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